Your dining table: Rectangular or round?

Dining tables are daily protagonists of important family moments, such as meals or meetings; however, at the time of choosing it is not clear what the ideal table for your space is.

Beyond if you like round or rectangular dining tables, the reason of its shape also responds to the type of space in which it can be located.

When you are going to buy your dining table the first thing that you should ask yourself is which position you will install it, that is to say, with what space it counts: does a vertical dining table fit in your space? Is it too narrow with a round dining table? Such questions should be asked when you choose.

round table

If you choose a round table, keep in mind that it steals all the space because everything revolves around them and therefore need a large space to look good and not saturated within the place.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than being at a dinner party and not having to leave your chair as many times as you want, so think about it very well. Read More

5 common mistakes in decorating shelves and how to fix them

Shelves tend to be often the centerpiece decoration, are always in sight, so you must first, keep them always in order and with the right elements. It is not good to saturate them or to waste space. First of all, select what you think you should go in space, according to the location of the shelf, whether it is in the bedroom or in another space, and then try these ways to decorate your shelves look beautiful, neat and stylish.

decorate your shelves

1.Organized by groups

Error: Put several elements together in order to display a little of each of your tastes, without following an order or a decoration plan.

Solution: One of the best ways to accommodate your house, your closet and even your shelves, organize everything by groups or categories, so the job will be easier. For example, if you have a collection of encyclopedia, of any piece, perfect. It does not matter if they are in different sizes or colors as long as they are grouped together. Read More

5 rules to follow to decorate with color

Sometimes, to achieve a great change in the decoration of our houses, with a touch of color it will be sufficient.

But this attempt could be disastrous if we do not know how to do it properly. To avoid any mistakes, keep in mind these 5 rules that you must follow to decorate with color properly.

decorate with color

1. If it’s your first time using color, go slow. Seeing the chromatic palette at the paint site can be overwhelming. If you are first in painting section, avoid strong tones and avoid using the color in large quantities. Start with a single wall and see how you feel. Inspire yourself with shades that catch your eye to reference images and let yourself be guided by your instincts. Read More

Ideas for Decorating the Kitchen

One of the rooms that can generate more doubts when giving a face to our home is the kitchen. The decoration of kitchens is an art and there are many elements that must be taken into account when decorating the kitchen in a way that is functional without losing in beauty and style.

remodeling kitchen

If you are thinking of completely remodeling the kitchen of your house, in this article we explain everything you need to know to end up having the kitchen of your dreams, are you ready?

Large Kitchens vs. Small Kitchen Decorating

When designing the new kitchen, it is not the same consider a decoration large kitchen that a small kitchen decoration. Read More

Six tips to protect plants and shrubs from Frost

The intense cold of winter can have devastating consequences on outdoor plants, whether grown in pot or garden soil. But there are ways to protect the specimens or at least mitigate the effects of low temperatures. This article offers some of the main techniques to prevent plants from being harmed or even dies from intense colds, such as coating them with plastic, reducing irrigation, grouping the specimens to create microclimates and placing padding on the garden floor.

protect plants

Protection for plants to withstand the cold

The winter cold, especially when temperatures drop below zero degrees, affect can cause death of the plants. But not only damage to living beings, but that can also break the flowerpots. This is because, when frozen, the water retained in the containers expands its size. To avoid these negative consequences during the coldest time of the year, some recommendations, such as those listed below, should be kept in mind. Read More

Tips to take care of shower curtains and bathtubs

The shower curtains play a key role by preventing soil, toilets and other objects from getting wet. However, sometimes they are not properly taken care of and mold or dirt stains are formed on them. This article explains how to take care of shower curtains and bathtubs so that they do not deteriorate and last longer, emphasizes the importance of bath ventilation and avoid moisture and pull with excessive force and gives recommendations for cleaning.

bathroom curtains

The bathroom is one of the most difficult places to clean in a house. On the one hand, by the need to disinfect quite frequently, and on the other, by the way moisture and condensation accumulate there. One of the main victims of these conditions is usually the shower curtain or bathtub, in which dirt or mold spots are often formed. Read More

5 advantages of closing your balcony or terrace with glass curtains

When summer arrives the terraces and balconies become places of maximum enjoyment, where we can sunbathe, read a book or simply have a drink with our friends or family enjoying the nice weather. However, in winter, that space is often very wasted, since, who wants to spend time outside when the cold makes a dent? Today we will talk about the advantages of glass curtains, an optimal solution to enjoy your terrace or balcony always.

glass curtains

Take advantage of your terrace or balcony without thinking about the weather: One day you wake up with a desire to breakfast on your terrace and discover when closing the curtain that the day is cloudy and it has started to rain, why give up your special moment? With a glass curtains that close the space you can spend as much time as you want outside thanks to its enclosure insulation. Read More

Ideas to keep the house cool when it’s hot

In the hottest months there are many tricks that can help keep the interior of the house fresh and airy. We offer some ideas below.

keep house cool

A ceiling fan can be a great investment, as it can make the thermal sensation in a room 6 or 7 degrees lower, without spending much energy. When the air is in circulation it seems much cooler. Ceiling fans are the best, but a good portable fan can also be very effective.

Blinds or curtains
Install blinds or curtains to reflect the heat towards the exterior of the house. Close them on the side that hit to the sun (those facing east in the morning and facing west in the afternoon) to avoid getting the heat from the sun and helping the fans or air conditioning to cool the house more effectively. Read More

7 ideas to separate living rooms

Nowadays the open and diaphanous spaces are in fashion, this has made the environments that previously coexisted separated by walls, are now united in the same space. The room separators fulfill the function of dividing the space to get the visual effect that each environment has its place. In this article we present some ideas of space separators for the living room that will surely inspire you, let’s see!

separate living rooms

Separate environments using decorative panels
The living room where dining, kitchen and halls together are in the latest fashion, however, it is possible that for some reason you just not convince to have everything together and stirred, even though you want to keep it structurally identical. One way to separate the environments without using the walls are the decorative panels. There are a lot of panels, from the fixed to the movable ones that can be rolled and uncurled whenever we need it. Read More

Spiral staircases for your home

The stairs have a primary function in our house; since these are in charge of joining two floors of different heights, in addition to occupy a very relevant place inside the home. A spiral staircase, is a staircase design that is characterized by its circular shape, with the steps that revolve around an axis. In this article we will talk about spiral staircases with railing for your home, because betting on this type of railings is to bet on good taste.

spiral staircase

What is spiral staircase?
A spiral staircase is that type of staircase that revolves around a propeller. This type of stairs may have different turns, although those that has a greater number of turns, commonly found in towers of old fortifications. Read More