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decorate your small bathroom

Meet these ideas to decorate your small bathroom

Our bathrooms have become over the last decades a place where we also have to leave our personal seal at the time of decorate it. To have ceased to be those cold and soulless places that only used to do our needs. Now there are parts where we...

cleaning bathroom

Five tips for cleaning the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the parts of the house that should always be shining. And it is that there is no worse image than that of a dirty toilet, a bathtub with scraps of soap or tiles with stains. Cleaning the bathroom should be to conscience...

shower screen

Advantages of putting a shower screen

Years pass, and with them the rooms of our house become obsolete. While it is true that all the rooms must be renewed sooner or later, one of those usually bring more headaches, is the bathroom. A bedroom or a living room can be changed with a...