5 tips for a new look in your home full of simplicity and romance

It is always possible to get a new breathe in our homes and what better way to achieve it than with unexpected mixtures that break with the every day, with the normal and the known. Vases, sofas, cushions, vases in colors of dusty tones, pictures with natural images, chairs, textiles in sober colors, light and luminous and endless elements that you can find to convert and redefine a space, almost a sanctuary, naturality, simplicity and romanticism.

new look in home

Here are 5 key tips:

1. All in order!

The order is vital in the spaces, plus it makes everything look good and perfect, stabilizes the mind, everything flows more easily and improves your mood. To keep everything in order, you can opt for organizers full of design and colors that give your space the liveliness of nature. Continue reading “5 tips for a new look in your home full of simplicity and romance”

5 common mistakes in decorating shelves and how to fix them

Shelves tend to be often the centerpiece decoration, are always in sight, so you must first, keep them always in order and with the right elements. It is not good to saturate them or to waste space. First of all, select what you think you should go in space, according to the location of the shelf, whether it is in the bedroom or in another space, and then try these ways to decorate your shelves look beautiful, neat and stylish.

decorate your shelves

1.Organized by groups

Error: Put several elements together in order to display a little of each of your tastes, without following an order or a decoration plan.

Solution: One of the best ways to accommodate your house, your closet and even your shelves, organize everything by groups or categories, so the job will be easier. For example, if you have a collection of encyclopedia, of any piece, perfect. It does not matter if they are in different sizes or colors as long as they are grouped together. Continue reading “5 common mistakes in decorating shelves and how to fix them”

6 ways to use pink color to decorate your home without being cheesy

Do you like pink but not use it in decoration for fear of falling into decorative kitsch? Do not worry! It does not have to be this way. Today we tell you how you can use the pink color to decorate and hit the spot. Get elegant and bright environments suitable for men and women.

use pink color

One of the most common topics that are repeated to exhaustion in the modern society in which we are immersed is that the color pink is a color of women. Of girls … It happens with the fashion, with the complements, with the toys and, therefore, also with the decoration of our houses. However, as far as this last aspect is concerned, there are several great ways to use pink to decorate spaces where not only women live. We tell you how to decorate with pink without being cheesy.

There are several great ways to decorate with pink and to triumph. Today we are going to give you some keys that will help you to get it. Keep reading. Continue reading “6 ways to use pink color to decorate your home without being cheesy”