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preparing baby's room

How to optimize spaces in your baby’s room

Thinking baby’s room is not always easy task. These new members of the household must have their space and generate different needs as they grow. Therefore, from the dimensions of the room, through the colors of the walls, furniture...

first baby room

The first room of a baby

The arrival of a baby is always good news for the family. The months of waiting are a cluster of nerves and illusion in equal parts. But it is also a time to think and plan for the future. One of the tasks that we should keep in mind is to...

furnishing a child bedroom

Tips for furnishing a child bedroom

We want to review some of the basic recommendations for decorating a children’s bedroom. We begin, in chronological order, with the room of the newborn. The blue-pink dichotomy has long since become obsolete. Today there is a wide...