Ideas for Decorating the Kitchen

One of the rooms that can generate more doubts when giving a face to our home is the kitchen. The decoration of kitchens is an art and there are many elements that must be taken into account when decorating the kitchen in a way that is functional without losing in beauty and style.

remodeling kitchen

If you are thinking of completely remodeling the kitchen of your house, in this article we explain everything you need to know to end up having the kitchen of your dreams, are you ready?

Large Kitchens vs. Small Kitchen Decorating

When designing the new kitchen, it is not the same consider a decoration large kitchen that a small kitchen decoration. Continue reading “Ideas for Decorating the Kitchen”

Where to place the microwave in a small kitchen

Nowadays many people have to learn to live in small houses; this makes the space available for all the environments of the home is really limited. One of the rooms that needs more space to be functional is the kitchen: what do we do when our kitchen is so small that it does not fit all the appliances in it? Today we’ll talk about some ideas that explain us where to place the microwave.

place microwave in kitchen

Microwave fixed in the kitchen furniture
One of the most valid ideas if we have little space in the kitchen is to integrate the microwave in the cabinets. The kitchen cabinets usually function as modules and are already designed to carry this appliance, we just have to choose the space and place it in it. The only disadvantage is that you lose storage space. Continue reading “Where to place the microwave in a small kitchen”

Tips for Decorating Rustic Kitchens

To get a rustic style decoration, it should be taken into account that wood is the main protagonist, but can be combined with colors harmoniously with other elements such as stones or bricks.

decoration of rustic kitchens

With this, we see that the rustic decor opts for the earthy, orange and ochre colors, since these are warm tones but mainly because these are the most suitable for this decorative style.

In the decoration of rustic kitchens we can make use of various objects, but always taking into account that these must be made with natural fibers, for example, wicker baskets are a good choice for decoration. Continue reading “Tips for Decorating Rustic Kitchens”

How to decorate with hanging lamps for kitchen?

Are you looking for an alternative in luminaire that provides functionality and aesthetic appeal to your environments? Do you need specific solutions for your kitchen? What do you think of hanging lamps for kitchen?

kitchen pendant lamps

At first glance, thinking about kitchens with pendant lamps or kitchens with chandeliers is attractive, but what as functional can be this kind of luminaires to a workspace and use as frequent as this?

Fortunately, the trends in decoration of kitchens with lamps are indicating that the use of this kind of lamp can be beneficial, since these are suitable alternatives for work areas where direct light is more than a desire, but a necessity and that can obtain from hanging kitchen lamps. Continue reading “How to decorate with hanging lamps for kitchen?”

What color can we paint in our kitchen?

The kitchens have become a far corner of our house which should look radiant. They are no longer mere places to cook or do our housework. At present have also become centers of meeting of our friends and relatives every time they come to visit us. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that you rejuvenate the kitchen of your home with all kinds of colors for your walls.

So would you like to know which the latest fashions are? Since then you have no other option but to continue with us through the following article:

paint in kitchen

White and beige for small kitchens
Many people who have a small sized kitchen because just spend time on it. Before this, it is best to bet on light colors such as white or beige. These will make all this space win in spaciousness and luminosity. Although if you want still to promote this more, it is not a bad idea that the furniture (pantry, drawers and appliances) are also light tones so that everything is in consonance. Continue reading “What color can we paint in our kitchen?”