Types of Room Curtains

Today there are many types of curtains for rooms, so it is very important to know how to buy the style that best suits your needs and especially the rest of the room decoration, with the sole aim of achieving the perfect combination between all parts.

room curtain

If you want the curtain only offers privacy, let pass the light and above all do not take away the rest of the decoration, you must then bet on some thin curtains, light color and without any type of stamping.

In the case of betting on curtains with prominence inside the room, then we have to bet on a model with vivid colors and prints. To choose the color, it is important to combine the curtains well with the walls and especially with the rest of the furniture. Read More

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Sofa

Buying a sofa is an important decision that we should not take lightly, thinks that we have plenty of life in it, we use it to read, watch TV, sleep, look at the ceiling, lazing or eating among many other things.

The sofa is a shelter and if you choose a bad sofa you may repent, so, for that does not happen we will tell you some of the most common mistakes we made when going to buy a sofa.

buying a sofa

Do not measure the sofa and the space in which it will be placed
One of the most frequent mistakes is that the sofa comes home and seems too large for the space to which it was destined or what is worse that does not fit.

This error is common because when we see the sofa in the store may seem smaller than it actually is. Keep in mind that the showrooms are very large and have very high ceilings so the perception of the size of some things may vary. Read More

6 ways to use pink color to decorate your home without being cheesy

Do you like pink but not use it in decoration for fear of falling into decorative kitsch? Do not worry! It does not have to be this way. Today we tell you how you can use the pink color to decorate and hit the spot. Get elegant and bright environments suitable for men and women.

use pink color

One of the most common topics that are repeated to exhaustion in the modern society in which we are immersed is that the color pink is a color of women. Of girls … It happens with the fashion, with the complements, with the toys and, therefore, also with the decoration of our houses. However, as far as this last aspect is concerned, there are several great ways to use pink to decorate spaces where not only women live. We tell you how to decorate with pink without being cheesy.

There are several great ways to decorate with pink and to triumph. Today we are going to give you some keys that will help you to get it. Keep reading. Read More

Decorating stairs: Essential advice for a staircase

The staircase is an absolutely different space from the rest of the house. Greater height, more light and a different “geography”. It is therefore one of the few parts of the house that offers more possibilities at the time of decorating. Although it is a place of transit, its strong presence should lead us to decorate it by highlighting its specificity. We can take advantage of the staircase: a wardrobe, a shelf…

decorating stairs

The first thing is to decide if we are going to decorate the whole staircase or only one of its parts: wall, railing, steps and the stair hollow.

The walls can also be decorated either with paintings or frames, or by completely covering them with some material different from the rest of the walls. For this we can use stones, wood or any other material that is in accordance with the decoration. Read More

How to prevent collapse of the food crusher

A food or trash crusher is a great solution to prevent the kitchen waste bin from filling up with food waste that will eventually generate bad odors. They are usually located under the dishwasher and are responsible for grinding food waste so that they can move through the pipe.

food crusher

However, sometimes it can get stuck and cause certain problems when using the sink. If hard or very big pieces are placed, the waste-disposal unit would get stuck and collapse the dishwasher drain system.

The minor problem is that the crusher will stop working because it has some debris stuck. This could be easily solved by removing the foreign objects from the system in order to release it and make it work again correctly. Read More

Halls with charm, ideas for decorating

One of the first impressions that usually take our guests when arriving at our house is the one of the hall of our house. It is the first image that comes from the exact moment they cross the threshold of our front door and hence it is of utmost importance to decorate it with great taste and elegance.

decorate hall

Would you like to get it but you are completely lost? Well, there’s nothing to worry about. Through the following lines we are going to give up to three ideas with the sole objective of which your hall always look radiant:

Add rustic elements
We would say a no-nonsense if we say that vintage is fashionable. So, would not it seem interesting to add certain elements of this trend throughout your entire hall? A good way to get it is through a beautiful and robust wooden door that reminds both houses of the early twentieth century. Read More

How to get the most out of your dining room

The dining room of our house is a place that should always look cozy and tidy, especially if we are regulars to receive all kinds of unexpected visits. However, this sometimes seems a bit difficult because if we do not have dimensions that are too large. Would you like therefore how to extract the whole juice to your dining room of a rapid and simple form? If so, we invite you to accompany us along the following solution:

inside our dining room

Expandable table
This should be one of the “main focuses” within our dining room. Here we will sit down as family or with our friends to taste any type of food. Therefore, we must give it the importance that it really deserves. If your dining room is small, you can always opt for an expandable table that you can enlarge if the occasion requires it. Read More

Tips for Decorating Rustic Kitchens

To get a rustic style decoration, it should be taken into account that wood is the main protagonist, but can be combined with colors harmoniously with other elements such as stones or bricks.

decoration of rustic kitchens

With this, we see that the rustic decor opts for the earthy, orange and ochre colors, since these are warm tones but mainly because these are the most suitable for this decorative style.

In the decoration of rustic kitchens we can make use of various objects, but always taking into account that these must be made with natural fibers, for example, wicker baskets are a good choice for decoration. Read More

5 advantages of covering your swimming pool

A pool gives life in a house, helps us to cool off in summer, and also allows us to exercise, something that is great if we do not have time to go to the gym during the week for lack of time. There are many questions that we often have when we decided to install a swimming pool in our home, today we will try to solve one of them: do you need covering swimming pool? Next we will talk about the five advantages that have covered swimming pools with respect to the others.

covering swimming pool

Keeps the pool clean for longer
One of the most common pictures when we think of an outdoor pool is to find all kinds of leaves, weeds and other remains of nature that pushed by the wind have ended up covering our pool. One of the most obvious advantages of indoor swimming pools is that we will enjoy a clean pool much longer, since when closed, it is unlikely to happen so quickly. In short, if you do not want to spend the day collecting all kinds of objects that have finished in it with the typical net, putting a cover is very useful. Read More

Meet these ideas to decorate your small bathroom

Our bathrooms have become over the last decades a place where we also have to leave our personal seal at the time of decorate it. To have ceased to be those cold and soulless places that only used to do our needs. Now there are parts where we clean and groom to dress our best finery and also must be perfectly equipped when we receive any type of guest.

decorate your small bathroom

In one way or another, it is very important that our bathroom has a decoration according to the times that run, regardless of its dimensions. Would you like to know some of the decorative tips that we give you to decorate this part of your home? If so, we invite you to accompany us through the following lines: Read More