Decorating a terrace with glass curtains

Having a terrace means having a treasure, especially if you live in the middle of the city and have in it a small place where to escape the monotony and enjoy the outdoors without having to leave the house.

terrace with glass curtains

During the summer, the terraces become a more room of the home, a place to enjoy barbecues and Sundays to the sun, while in winter it becomes a space not frequented because of the cold, rains and a time, which we do not deceive ourselves, does not accompany for anything. However, there are alternatives to use a terrace in winter, even if it is a polar cold: glass curtains. In this article we will focus on these glazed curtains, to prove that, whatever the weather, your terrace is still a useful space. No more winters locked in the living room, watching the street from the windows, now you can enjoy your terrace without problems, glass curtains are the solution! Read More

How to avoid flooding in your home?

avoid flooding in home

It has sometimes happened to you that you come home after a long day, ready to rest and relax as soon as you enter the door, forgetting about the obligations and pending; and just when you arrive you find your flat or house flooded, a scene of terror, you never expect and which however can occur at any time. Instead of resting you should get to dry floors, close keys to pass and evaluate damages in your property and even those of the neighbors.

Flooding is a problem that we can prevent taking simple forecasts, here we share them to you: Read More

5 ideas for storing clothes in the bedroom

Storing clothes is one of the biggest headaches in the organization of a bedroom. Whether it’s big or small, when we plan the decor of a bedroom, one of the things that most concern us are the furniture and cabinets that we are going to put in it, but, what options do we have?

wardrobe closet

Wardrobe closet
One of the most conventional options for storing clothes in the bedroom is the use of a wardrobe closet. There are many modular wardrobes, so we can choose the one that we like most considering our personal taste, our needs or the decorative style of the bedroom. Read More

Procedures for moving house

It is confirmed, you will move soon. A lot of questions come to mind: whom to call for electricity? Whom to warn for mail? How can you leave your mind alone? In short, you are a little lost, and do not really know where to start. Do not panic, here are the steps to follow for a move to the top.

moving house procedure

Make the point with your current landlord
You are currently renting, inform your landlord and send him your cancellation of lease by registered letter. You must meet deadlines: one month’s notice for furnished rentals, and a 3-month notice for empty rentals.

Fixed a date with the owner for the inventory, which coincides with the day of departure. In the meantime, replace the apartment in the condition in which you found it: refill the holes in the walls. If you have spoiled things, replace them with an equivalent. However, be aware that traces of wear are normal; you do not have to repaint the apartment if you have taken care of it! Read More

How to decorate with hanging lamps for kitchen?

Are you looking for an alternative in luminaire that provides functionality and aesthetic appeal to your environments? Do you need specific solutions for your kitchen? What do you think of hanging lamps for kitchen?

kitchen pendant lamps

At first glance, thinking about kitchens with pendant lamps or kitchens with chandeliers is attractive, but what as functional can be this kind of luminaires to a workspace and use as frequent as this?

Fortunately, the trends in decoration of kitchens with lamps are indicating that the use of this kind of lamp can be beneficial, since these are suitable alternatives for work areas where direct light is more than a desire, but a necessity and that can obtain from hanging kitchen lamps. Read More

Five mistakes that we commit at the time of cleaning

There are certain errors in cleaning the house that we all commit at least once in our life. These small shortcomings eventually make it difficult to clean up in a short time.

These are just five of the most common mistakes that we make when cleaning the house.

Rub the stains on the carpet
Many times when pouring some type of drink or liquid on a carpet we make the mistake of rubbing the stain with all our cravings. But this only gets that the stain is worsening and the fabric of the carpet is finished spoiling.

errors in cleaning house

To remove stains only thing you need to do is to take a salt layer above, roll up the carpet and leave it at that for a few hours. It is then unrolled to suck up the remains of the salt. Read More

Prepare for your move

Moving is an important step that is being prepared and organized in advance. Whether it is to go to another city, another region or simply to change the street, good upstream management is necessary so that everything happens at best on D-Day.

prepare for move

Set a date
That’s it, the decision is made, you will move. Once the new housing is found, it will be necessary to fix a date.

Tip: If you use a movers’ service, prefer a day during the week: prices are often cheaper than the weekend.

If your company gives you a day off, try to ask for a day on the weekend. You will have the weekend to install and acclimatize peacefully. Read More

How to Design Your Ideal Garden

Designing the ideal garden for our home is no simple task. That is why; below we will see the main tips for achieving an ideal garden. The first step is to ask how we are going to use it: whether there will be family reunions or parties; If we look for a more productive space with fruit trees, orchards and aromatic herbs, or if we require space for children to play or sports activities. The functions that we try to give the garden will influence the zoning, in the movement and in its final design.

design ideal garden

How much money should be spent
This sector of the household is typically designated a budget – usually – limited, since it is thought to finish constructing the house or remodel it, when there is not much available money. It is advisable to invest in a good quality soil or improve the existing one. A good raw material for the soil is essential for plants to grow to their full potential. A second step is the investment in the type and quality of the trees and plants, which will depend on the design chosen for the garden. Read More

How to merge classic with modern style

Vintage or modern? Rustic or industrial? When decorating a home start doubts about a style we want to bring the design of its interior. You may be one of those people who are already clear how to decorate your home, but for most homeowners decorating their new home can be a real headache.

classic with modern style

For that reason, one of the trends that have been gaining adherents in recent years is to merge styles that a priori seem completely incompatible. Here we give you some little tricks to combine in your home the classic style with modern. Read More

How to eliminate the smell of tobacco with vinegar

Do you wonder how to eliminate the smell of tobacco when your partner, your friends or some of your relatives smoke during an evening at your home?

eliminate smell of tobacco

Despite the fact that eliminating the unpleasant smell of cigarettes seems complicated, there are natural and very economical products that allow you to get rid of this annoying fragrance in a practical and simple way.

We find an example of this is the vinegar, an ingredient widely used in the world of cooking that also has a major role in the universe of home remedies due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties and its power to neutralize odors. Read More