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3 ideas to separate environments between living room and dining room


Having a dining room is the most common today, especially in those small flats whose square meters are rather scarce. If you want to differentiate both ambiences without works, today we will give you 3 ideas to separate ambiences between living and dining rooms.

separate rooms

A typical room separator: the sofa
To separate environments between living and dining room, one of the most popular room dividers, is the sofa. It is very easy to delimit a space with the help of a sofa; it is only necessary to put it with the back to the dining room and acts as a physical barrier between both environments. You can achieve the same effect with a large sofa, a small sofa or armchairs. The idea is that in all cases the space is delimited with them.

Separate environments with carpet
There are other ways to separate environments, such as carpets. A rug can help us define the lounge area or dining room, with an imaginary rectangle. The idea is to get a carpet that suits the space needed in the best possible way. The normal thing is to change the carpet depending on the time of year, getting the light one for summer and another more warm for winter.

separate rooms

A shelf to separate environments
Another way to get separate rooms is a shelf or cabinet. It is a physical separation, which can actually divide living room and dining room without having to work. It is recommended especially for large and spacious spaces as it allows creating two virtually independent spaces. If your living room is small, it is better to discard this option, because with this you will only make the space smaller and encasing it.

In addition to these three ways to separate the environment between living and dining room, there are other ways much more subtle, ideal for small rooms, such as using the color of the walls or lighting.

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