covering swimming pool

5 advantages of covering your swimming pool


A pool gives life in a house, helps us to cool off in summer, and also allows us to exercise, something that is great if we do not have time to go to the gym during the week for lack of time. There are many questions that we often have when we decided to install a swimming pool in our home, today we will try to solve one of them: do you need covering swimming pool? Next we will talk about the five advantages that have covered swimming pools with respect to the others.

covering swimming pool

Keeps the pool clean for longer
One of the most common pictures when we think of an outdoor pool is to find all kinds of leaves, weeds and other remains of nature that pushed by the wind have ended up covering our pool. One of the most obvious advantages of indoor swimming pools is that we will enjoy a clean pool much longer, since when closed, it is unlikely to happen so quickly. In short, if you do not want to spend the day collecting all kinds of objects that have finished in it with the typical net, putting a cover is very useful.

Better air conditioning
One of the problems that we can find with an outdoor heated pool is that the heat is lost, and no longer has the desired effect. A good way for our heated pool to maintain the desired temperature, without any doubt, is thanks to covering. Even if your pool is not heated, coverage of it is a good idea to keep a proper and pleasant temperature.

Less water evaporation
We all have a vague memory of those classes at the school where we explained how worked the water cycle: heat causes water to evaporate, and that’s what happens every day in our pool. However, with a good covering in your pool, this evaporation will be greatly reduced, so we will spend less water.

Much more security
Another benefit of a covering pool is the safety it offers, greatly reducing the chances of a child falling in the pool. We’ve all heard cases of balls that end up in the pool and children that fall in it trying to catch them, with a cover in the pool, there is no such possibility, so the protection of your pool will be much greater than without it.

Save money
We talked about an indoor pool that prevents the water from evaporating so fast, but also, with the coverage of your pool you would also gain from other sides, because, for example, covered pools usually need less maintenance, and not only that, an indoor swimming pool also uses fewer chemicals.

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