room curtain

Types of Room Curtains


Today there are many types of curtains for rooms, so it is very important to know how to buy the style that best suits your needs and especially the rest of the room decoration, with

open cabinets

5 ideas for storing clothes in the bedroom


Storing clothes is one of the biggest headaches in the organization of a bedroom. Whether it’s big or small, when we plan the decor of a bedroom, one of the things that most concern us

animal print style

Bedrooms with animal print style


Would you like to decorate your house with touches that remind the animals of an African savannah? In recent decades the prints inspired by African animals such as zebras, tigers, leopards or also called animal

furnishing a child bedroom

Tips for furnishing a child bedroom


We want to review some of the basic recommendations for decorating a children’s bedroom. We begin, in chronological order, with the room of the newborn. The blue-pink dichotomy has long since become obsolete. Today there