gasoline brush cutter

How does a gasoline brush cutter work?


The brush cutter is a very useful gadget for keeping your garden in order and is easy to use once you get the hang of it. Today I will teach you that trick. I gave…

how to make homemade compost

How to make homemade compost for our garden


According to environmental experts, approximately 40% of what we throw away is organic, which is why we show you how to make homemade compost with natural products. If we like gardening and want to save…

choosing garden furniture

Tips when choosing garden furniture


To make the most of our patio or garden in summer, it is very important to choose the right furniture. The size, the materials or the style, are characteristics that we should not leave aside…

wooden pergolas

Decorate your garden with wooden pergolas


If you have a garden or a large terrace, you will surely want to take advantage of every corner. In the market, you will find many elements to take advantage of, and when you choose…

protect plants

Six tips to protect plants and shrubs from Frost


The intense cold of winter can have devastating consequences on outdoor plants, whether grown in pot or garden soil. But there are ways to protect the specimens or at least mitigate the effects of low…

wooden swimming pools

5 advantages of wooden swimming pools


A pool can help us give some life to our garden with the arrival of summer. There are many options when it comes to placing a pool in our garden; today we will focus on…