decorating with mirrors

Advantages of including mirrors in the decoration


Trends change, but mirrors never go out of style. Since these were invented thousands of years ago, these have been of great use to the human being. In fact, civilizations like the Egyptian, the Greek,…


What type of curtain to choose?


They do not just dress our windows. In addition, they help us regulate the natural light that bathes our interiors and gain intimacy. There are different alternatives to dress the windows. Lace curtains, blinds and…

ideal lighting

Ideal lighting in every room


In every household light is essential because it creates a pleasant environment, which is why the lighting is main part of the decoration because it depends on the comfort of the inhabitants of the house.…

designs of stairs

5 designs of stairs to fall in love


When we talk about home design we often forget the small details as there it can be the stairs. Stairs have a very important role in our house, as these are responsible for joining one…

japanese panel

Japanese panels: Light touch in the decoration


It stretches where you want to dress your interior while transparent, it plays with light and colors to personalize your decoration. The Japanese panel has the chic to please us! More curtain than furniture In…