remodeling kitchen

Ideas for Decorating the Kitchen


One of the rooms that can generate more doubts when giving a face to our home is the kitchen. The decoration of kitchens is an art and there are many elements that must be taken…

place microwave in kitchen

Where to place the microwave in a small kitchen


Nowadays many people have to learn to live in small houses; this makes the space available for all the environments of the home is really limited. One of the rooms that needs more space to…

decoration of rustic kitchens

Tips for Decorating Rustic Kitchens


To get a rustic style decoration, it should be taken into account that wood is the main protagonist, but can be combined with colors harmoniously with other elements such as stones or bricks. With this,…

kitchen pendant lamps

How to decorate with hanging lamps for kitchen?


Are you looking for an alternative in luminaire that provides functionality and aesthetic appeal to your environments? Do you need specific solutions for your kitchen? What do you think of hanging lamps for kitchen? At…

paint in kitchen

What color can we paint in our kitchen?


The kitchens have become a far corner of our house which should look radiant. They are no longer mere places to cook or do our housework. At present have also become centers of meeting of…