low water pressure problems

What to do if there is low water pressure at home?


The low water pressure at home can interfere in certain everyday tasks. When there is little water pressure there are two problems: low water pressure in the shower and taps or little hot water. The

unblock clogged pipes

How to unblock clogged pipes? Homemade tricks


Blocked pipes cause liquid waste to accumulate in the drain, resulting in bad odors. In fact, they are unbearable and that is why you should consider unlocking the pipes as soon as possible. If you

repair low flow toilet

How to repair a low flow toilet


The low flow toilet got a bad reputation when it was introduced to the market. As with any new technology, problems that were not anticipated had to be fixed. Mainly, it was necessary to pull

bad odors from pipes

Learn how to eliminate bad odors from pipes


The unpleasant odors that emanate from the pipes in the home do not appear magically. And there is always a reason why these arise, just as there is also a solution. But how is it

How to prevent collapse of the food crusher


A food or trash crusher is a great solution to prevent the kitchen waste bin from filling up with food waste that will eventually generate bad odors. They are usually located under the dishwasher and

avoid flooding in home

How to avoid flooding in your home?


It has sometimes happened to you that you come home after a long day, ready to rest and relax as soon as you enter the door, forgetting about the obligations and pending; and just when

unfreeze pipes in winter

How to unfreeze pipes in winter?


Frozen pipes are the problems we often face once the seasons change, the low temperatures freeze the water circulating through the pipes, especially of the exteriors, and of the upper floors. There are places where

odors in dishwasher pipes

Bad odors in dishwasher pipes


The odors in dishwasher pipes are very common but have proper hygiene as it is a primary source for collecting waste left on the plates. It is there where the leftovers of all diners rest