Errors in choosing curtains

It dresses the house with elegance, adds warmth, gives a twist to the decoration and also gains privacy, protecting us from prying eyes. There is no doubt; the curtains are the textiles par excellence in our home.

choosing curtains

A compliment that not only serves to decorate. We know its importance and we want to share with you some frequent mistakes when choosing the curtains at home. Do you want to discover them? Well, take note!

Do not take into account the type of window

A very frequent mistake is to worry about the curtains and neglecting the most important thing: the window. It will determine the size and design of our curtain. Therefore, we recommend you take into account not only the measurements of your window, but also its opening system, as this can be a problem when placing the curtains. In some cases, it may be more interesting to opt for a blind that is completely retracted.

Forget about whether our room is outside or inside

We also have to take into account the orientation of our room. Remember that north facing spaces get less natural light. On the contrary, the rooms facing south are brighter.

This is important as it will determine the fabric and characteristics of our curtain. That is, perhaps a design that allows the passage of light in a dark room or something more dense to sift the sunlight. Keep in mind that the curtains also aim to achieve some privacy at home and protect us from the light. That is why we must take this detail into account when choosing our textile.

Failure to take action correctly

It seems obvious, but it is. So take a tape measure and write down the measurements before going to the store. It is also important to do a few calculations to make sure and avoid unnecessary disasters.

To calculate the amount of fabric you need, multiply the size of your window by 2 (or more if you plan to gather the curtain). And if you are thinking of adding hems to both sides, it is better to add about 10 centimeters more.

choosing curtains

Do not take into account the decorative style of the room

In other words, do you want to give prominence to your curtains or do you prefer to opt for functionality? If you choose the second, make sure your curtain meets the needs of that room: sifting or avoiding the passage of light, isolating the window from the cold or the heat, etc.

Instead, if you prefer aesthetics, the ideal is to choose a curtain that keeps some harmony with the decoration of your room. It is, therefore, a matter of integrating this textile into the room without being overloaded.

Neglect the type of fabric

Depending on the use that we are going to make our curtain and the place of the house, we will need one type of fabric or another. Suppose it will be in the bedroom or in the living room, in this case, the curtain will be mainly ornamental. For this reason, we can choose a fabric of great quality and delicate, since it will not suffer the day to day.

However, if you are in rooms as busy as the kitchen and bathroom, it is best to choose a curtain of resistant fabric, durable and easy to wash. For example, natural fibers such as cotton or a synthetic fabric such as polyester. You can also be practical and opt for a curtain; in the current market you will find many designs that have a more functional than decorative component.

And you, what other frequent mistakes do you know about choosing curtains?