Give warmth to a bath of white color

It is luminous, timeless, versatile and also conveys a sense of cleanliness. There is no doubt, white is the color par excellence to decorate some spaces of home, such as the bathroom.

To put some glue, we could say that the target is also a bit cold and boring. So how can we add warmth and give life to a bathroom decorated in white? Here we know the answer. Take note!

bath of white color

Advantages of white

White has many advantages. This color reflects the light; therefore, the spaces seem broader than they actually are. In addition, white conveys a sense of purity and favors rest. To top it off, the white is elegant, timeless and very versatile. The perfect base for plethora of decorative styles.

What is the problem? White is also somewhat cold and boring. Therefore it is advisable to choose the accessories with special care to achieve a perfect balance. If we want to achieve a warm and cozy bath, the ideal is to combine white with earth tones.

Earth tones and natural materials

Cream, beige, brown, etc. These tones connect us with nature and add warmth to the bathroom. That’s why we can introduce them in small touches: either through furniture, textiles or small accessories.

And speaking of connecting with nature, another way to add warmth in the bathroom is by opting for natural materials. Noble wood is the best option of all. It is elegant, cozy and timeless. As we are going to use it in a rather humid space, the ideal is to opt for tropical wood that comes from exotic and humid climates.

If we have to choose, we stay with the warmth and elegance of the bamboo wood. In addition to giving an exotic touch to your bathroom, this material is very resistant to moisture that accumulates in this room of the house.

In addition to wood, other materials highly recommended for a white and cozy bath with vegetable fibers. Rattan, wicker, jute, sisal, coconut and many other similar fibers are hollow, so that air circulates better. This also makes them breathable and lightweight. In other words, perfect for the bathroom.

bath of white color

And how can we introduce them? We recommend the baskets. They are very fashionable, light, decorative and practical. The baskets are perfect for keeping your clothes discreetly and without giving up style, even in the bathroom. While the baskets are very practical for small accessories, such as soaps, perfumes, hand towels, etc.

Plants and flowers

Plants and flowers are another great solutions to bring life and add warmth to the bathroom. You can opt for artificial flower arrangements or natural plants. If you choose the second option, be sure to choose plants that survive in especially humid environments. For example, bamboo, sansevieria, aloe vera, fern and ficus, among others.

Finally, we also want to recommend the color and small details to give warmth to a boring white bathroom. Textiles are the best way to achieve this, but also small accessories such as vanity sets, mirrors, rugs and purely decorative accessories such as paintings.

The aim is that all these details not only add warmth, but also personalize our decor with color and unexpected touches. And you, what advice do you recommend?