decorate hall

Halls with charm, ideas for decorating


One of the first impressions that usually take our guests when arriving at our house is the one of the hall of our house. It is the first image that comes from the exact moment they cross the threshold of our front door and hence it is of utmost importance to decorate it with great taste and elegance.

decorate hall

Would you like to get it but you are completely lost? Well, there’s nothing to worry about. Through the following lines we are going to give up to three ideas with the sole objective of which your hall always look radiant:

Add rustic elements
We would say a no-nonsense if we say that vintage is fashionable. So, would not it seem interesting to add certain elements of this trend throughout your entire hall? A good way to get it is through a beautiful and robust wooden door that reminds both houses of the early twentieth century.

And to finish off it, you can also add all kinds of leaves in large flower pots. You can hang them by the wall or simply spread them on the floor in a logical and orderly way. In one way or another, it is sure that this way your hall will have a touch of the most colorful and natural.

Large carpet to gain warmth
You cannot imagine how useful it is going to be, or a good carpet that will occupy almost all the space in your hall, especially if it is built on a ceramic floor base that in the autumn and winter it usually gets too cold. For this reason, if you choose a good carpet for the floor, get your hall win in warmth while at the same time you bring one more decorative element.

Also, there is a wide catalog of possibilities when choosing a good carpet so you should not have problems when choosing one that suits your tastes and preferences.

Finishes off your hall with practical elements
The hall is also a place that we used to leave all our belongings just when we arrived to work. Faced with this situation, surely you would see with good eyes install a good wooden coat rack with vintage touches that apart from being the most useful to leave your coat, jacket or keys, will also give a most original touch to this part of your house.

By way of summary, as you have seen to decorate a hall can mean spending more time than you imagine. However, once you get the desired result surely any of your closest friends or family are delighted with the result.

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