How to avoid flooding in your home?

avoid flooding in home

It has sometimes happened to you that you come home after a long day, ready to rest and relax as soon as you enter the door, forgetting about the obligations and pending; and just when you arrive you find your flat or house flooded, a scene of terror, you never expect and which however can occur at any time. Instead of resting you should get to dry floors, close keys to pass and evaluate damages in your property and even those of the neighbors.

Flooding is a problem that we can prevent taking simple forecasts, here we share them to you:

Prevent flooding at home

Check the keys

It is important to make it a habit to check that the bathroom, kitchen, laundry and other water faucets are closed when leaving the home for long periods (working day, study, etc.) and especially when we leave weekend trips, vacations and other absences of several days. Remember that even if you have a stopcock that allows or not the passage of water completely to the house, someone could open it accidentally.

Check drains and siphons

Leave a key open by error cannot represent greater danger (except in our pocket), if the water outlets work properly, so it is vital to ensure that there is a normal flow of water from drains and siphons, check that the water does not remain stagnant, accumulated, does not take longer than usual to leave, or does not do so with difficulty.

Avoid obstructions

Without knowing it, we can cause jams in our pipes that represent hassle of cleaning and unforeseen expenses. To prevent blockages we should avoid throwing oil through the sink or food scraps; a useful tip is to pour some baking soda and then let warm water run once a week. Likewise, we must avoid accumulating hair in the shower trap, do not throw undue elements into the toilet and check the operation of the lint filter in the washing machine.

Pay attention

When a key is damaged, it usually shows its deterioration with leaks, filtrations, it is isolated; therefore, we have to observe (and respond with our reliable plumbing service) if any of these defects manifests in our keys or pipes, because they warn us of a breakdown and a potential problem of major gravity in the home.