perfect dining table

How to choose the right table for your dining room


One of the questions we can ask ourselves when we think of decorating or redecorating our dining room, is the type of furniture that can be best in the available space. The dining tables are, without doubt, one of the leading furniture that we must know how to choose, to create a personal and unique atmosphere. How can we choose the perfect dining table? Here are some tips to achieve this:

perfect dining table

Separate dining room, kitchen or living room
One of the first questions to ask when choosing the dinner table is where we are going to place this table. Nowadays most of the dining rooms are integrated in the kitchen or the living room, although there are still homes where they bet on independent dining rooms. In any case, knowing where we are going to place the furniture and with what environment we are going to share space, it is basic for our decoration.

Size does matter
When we chose a dining table, we must take into account the size of the room. Having a few square meters leaves us with fewer options than if we had plenty of available space. In the case of a small room, it is more practical to have a table that fits in size, being recommended the extensible, able to get bigger when we have guests at home. If you live alone and share space with the living room, another option is to bet on folding tables, which you can assemble and disassemble when you need it.

perfect dining table

Decorative style
The decorative style is essential when we choose our home furniture. Having a homogeneous house is achieved when there is balance between all the elements that consist of it. For example, if we chose vintage to decorate the interior of our house, we should bet on antique and period furniture, otherwise, if we choose a modern style, it is best to bet on simple tables, straight lines and without details. Another example is the industrial-style dining rooms, where we can go for metal, wood and glass furniture, typical of the hospitality scene, this type of tables give much personality and charm to our dining room.

Complete set
When we buy tables have to think in terms of the whole of the dining room. There are many decoration shops that sell the complete pack, although much more personal and unique if we are the one who just chooses the combination of tables and chairs that we prefer.

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