clean grease from electric oven

How to clean grease from an electric oven?


Electric ovens are a type of microwave-like hospitality machinery that often requires periodic cleaning treatments to remove grease and other waste. If you want to learn how to clean grease from an electric oven, read this article in which we tell you how to do it.

How to clean grease from an electric oven: 7 methods

Although the electric oven is more limited when it is used to cook food, since it allows fewer quantities than conventional models, for it to work properly it needs constant cleaning.

Do you want to know how to remove the grease from the oven? In this article we show you 7 different ways to carry out this uncomfortable task. Ideally, you should try various methods until you find the one that is ideal for you.

clean grease from electric oven

As we say, there are different methods of how to clean grease from an electric oven, among which we can highlight the following:

1. Baking Soda Cleaning Method

If it is about how to clean the grease from the electric oven, bicarbonate is characterized by being very effective for cleaning this type of kitchen machinery, because it dissolves easily and usually very corrosive.

To know how to remove grease from the electric oven, you should use heat resistant gloves, a microfiber cloth and a sponge, placing a few tablespoons of baking soda in a container.

Then, to start this method of how to clean grease from an electric oven, you must mix it with a little water and apply it all over the interior of the oven, letting it sit for 15 minutes.

When this equipment is not very dirty and you only need an overhaul, the way to clean the grease from the electric oven is to let it rest for 20 minutes and, once this time has elapsed, use the sponge to remove it.

2. Vinegar cleaning method

Vinegar is distinguished by its antibacterial properties, since it is a product that is ideal for how to remove grease from an electric oven, since it will allow it to be disinfected, cleaned, eradicated bad odors and even shine electric furnaces.

To apply this alternative you have to make a mixture that is made up of water and vinegar, all in order to avoid an intense smell from occurring inside the oven.

This mixture, which is an ideal way to remove the grease, will be sprayed all over the internal parts of the machine, allowing it to do its effect for two or three minutes and then rinsed with a damp cloth, drying the whole inside thoroughly.

3. Salt cleaning method

Salt is an ingredient that has astringent properties, so it cleans all kinds of dirt and stains. Therefore, to apply this option 250 grams of salt must be poured, approximately in half a liter of water.

But, be careful not to burn yourself when doing this process! To avoid this, use gloves when applying it and, after allowing this mixture to rest, remove the salt from the inside of the oven using a sponge.

Although it may seem like a complicated process, with the proper security measures you can carry it out without any problem in less than half an hour.

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4. Cleaning method with salt and lemon

To apply this alternative, you must add abundant salt in those areas of the appliance that have rust or principles of this, in order to eliminate them effectively.

The next step would be to mix salt and the half lemon juice, and apply it in those places that we have indicated in the previous step. Leave it to act for almost an hour, and wipe it clean with a damp cloth. It is an infallible technique.

5. Cleaning method with lemon and bicarbonate

This is an electric oven cleaning method in which you must be applied baking soda and lemon to remove rust from your appliance; it has a great recognition in the sector.

The first step is to mix both elements until obtaining a thick paste, which will be applied on the areas that are most affected, rubbing with a brush. To finish, rinse those parts with water and let it dry.

lemon cleansing method

6. Lemon cleansing method

Another interesting way if you want to know how to clean the electric oven. It consists of using lemon, which stands out for having the neutralizing properties of disinfectants and odors, perfect to be used as a powerful “cleaning product”.

To begin with, we must heat the equipment to about 200ºC , so that it is ready for the moment of treatment. Squeeze two lemons and put them on the racks; close the door and keep them inside for 15-20 minutes for the steam to take effect.

In addition, if it is very dirty, vinegar should be used on a wet sponge, to be able to remove all the remains of dirt that have remained inside.

7. Cleaning method with vinegar and lemon

In this option to clean your electric oven, lemon and vinegar are going to be mixed in a sprayer, which will be used to pour outside the oven and, with a microfiber cloth or sponge, clean it thoroughly.

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