preparing baby's room

How to optimize spaces in your baby’s room


Thinking baby’s room is not always easy task. These new members of the household must have their space and generate different needs as they grow. Therefore, from the dimensions of the room, through the colors of the walls, furniture, decoration, textiles and lighting, there are several issues to consider when preparing baby’s room.

preparing baby's room

For your baby’s room to be a warm and comfortable place and to reflect, above all, the personality of their occupant (and always in line with the rest of the home), it is ideal to organize it by following some tips:

Take measurements of the room to achieve a complete project and without lost spaces. We must take into account that in this first stage we need a sleeping sector, a sector of changed and a sector for feeding. In the case of babies who are able to walk, you should also keep in mind, a space to play and store their toys as the little ones are building their identity in this place, as well as being the environment where they develop their early childhood.

Set the color of the walls and decor. Ideally, choose neutral colors that do not visually contaminate the space. Vinyls that provide design are recommended and can be easily removed when we want to change them.

Choose the furniture and their positions. The correct location of these makes its optimal use. It is ideal that the furniture is of noble materials, functional, with nontoxic finishes and rounded edges. At first you need a crib, a changer with storage and a comfortable chair to breastfeed. If you did not have a wardrobe, a chest of drawers would be ideal for storing their first cloths. When they grow up, you will need a toy keeper and a set of small table and chairs to play. Ideally, it should be lightweight, wheeled or easily manipulated since they often carry their pushchairs and toy cars to other parts of the house. We must take into account that the furniture’s are functional and that can be adapted according to the age of the children.

Decor tips. Supplementing with natural fiber textiles, blanket coat. You can achieve warmth by adding a soft folder on the floor where the child can sit and play. Some cushions complement the space and help to give a personal touch to the room. It is ideal that the fillings of the cushions, mattresses and pillows are easy to clean and especially it is necessary to try to avoid the stuffed with feathers or wool, since these are the preferred places for mites and can bring allergies.

Think about the lighting. Prioritize the entrance of controlled natural light with curtains that the sieve. At night you need a general light and a dim light that allows you to see, in the moments of caring for the baby.

Functionality. The environment must be tidy, comfortable, safe, and stimulate their imagination. A super important tip: there should be nothing that we hinder the step. Therefore, it is advisable to have dolls or toys well stored in shelves or cubes. The baby’s room should always be ventilated and clean.

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