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How to organize a storage room: ideas to have everything at hand


Having a storage room is a luxury at an organizational level. In it we can preserve and store elements and objects that we do not use regularly and thus prevent them from occupying more practical places in our home. But a storage room can turn against us if we do not have an effective organization in it. In this post we tell you how to organize a storage room to have everything at hand whenever you need it.

organize storage room
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Tips to put in mark storage room organization

  • Analyze the space: Most likely it will not be ordered at once so take your time to analyze what level of clutter you have in your storage room.
  • Plan the organization: Take a pencil and paper and plan what you are going to do with what you do not want to keep, what you are going to need, how you are going to order it…
  • Always carry it with you during task. The planning that you have just completed should always be carried with you. It will help you in possible (and probable) moments of crisis.
  • Separate objects to order: Decide in advance how you are going to separate objects. It can be by theme, by size, by frequency of use… It is important to then choose the space that each of them will occupy.
  • Ask for help if you need it. Depending on the magnitude of the disorder, you may need help organizing your storage room. Do not hesitate to ask for it, the task can be long and tiring.

How to organize a storage room

Now that we have everything under control, we give you the main keys to know how to organize a storage room.

Shelves are the main element

You don’t realize how important a shelf is until you have to tidy up your storage room. Shelves are one of the main elements to organize any place.

In the case of storage rooms, they are very important because, as they come in various sizes and materials, they adapt to any dimension or space. When you are clear about the number of objectives that you are going to store/order in the storage room, adapt it by adding shelves of all kinds.

Stackable storage as a main ally

Another method that will not leave you indifferent is modular storage. It allows you to store an infinite number of different sizes objects very neatly.

modular storage
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Make sure that they are going to be kept organized and stacked in the storage room. You can place this type of storage on shelves, cabinets or even on the floor itself, since they are usually quite resistant.

Use boxes and label them

Boxes, boxes and more boxes. Yes, they are very necessary to establish order, and more so in a storage room, where we normally store objects that we do not use frequently.

box with label
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The problem is that we can sin by having too many and storing anything in them. We recommend that you always opt for transparent boxes, so that you can see what is inside at a glance.

And another infallible key to organize them properly is to label them, whether they are transparent or opaque. It will help you more than you think in your day to day life.

Shared space yes, but with order

Sometimes we find it convenient that other types of spaces are located in the storage room, such as washing, ironing, DIY workshop, etc. If your storage room allows you to share spaces, it is great.

Of course, we recommend that you separate them properly to avoid mixing and that finally the organization of your storage room has not served for anything. Use shelves of different colors, different boxes, or even place a panel or screen so that the separation is visually appreciated. It will give more harmony to your storage room.

keep clothes in bags

Keep clothes in special bags

The storage room often acts as a wardrobe. When we change the wardrobe, sometimes we do not have a place to store the clothes that we are not going to wear that season, so the storage room is used for that purpose.

To prevent it from being damaged, use special boxes and covers for textiles. This way you will keep the clothes you wear next season in perfect condition. The same with blankets, bedspreads, duvets, etc.

Employ tool panels

If in your case, you have conditioned the storage room as a DIY workshop, we recommend that you use a homemade tool panel to keep all your DIY items in order. It will be easier for you to see them all at a glance and choose the one you need at any given time. Another option is to store those that are not used as often in toolboxes.

We hope we have helped you with this post. Now that you know how to organize a storage room, you just have to get down to work.

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