remove ice from freezer

How to remove ice from the freezer without unplugging


One of the most overlooked tasks in homes is cleaning freezers, and while many use defrosting systems, there are others that create ice and frost. Next, we will explain how to remove the ice from the freezer without unplugging, and thus make the process easier for you.

These layers of ice that form tend to accumulate over time, creating endless problems such as an increase in the electricity bill, a low performance of the appliance and difficulty in removing food, since it tends to stick to the frozen layer.

The most common way to remove ice from the freezer without unplugging is to remove it by letting it melt manually, although this is a very slow method that can damage frozen food. Therefore, we will teach you ways that can be faster.

remove ice from freezer

How often do you have to defrost the freezer?

The appearance of ice in freezers is a common thing that is created when opening and closing the door through the air intake, causing moisture to concentrate inside and condense due to not having good ventilation.

Experts recommend that the freezer be defrosted at least twice a year, preferably doing it in summer or before winter starts. It should also be done when the ice layer is more than 4mm thick or there are ice spirals in the compressor.

Steps to defrost the freezer without unplugging

Before you proceed to defrost your freezer, it is best to prepare and organize this task in advance to make it as simple as possible. To prolong the life of hospitality machines, the following steps must be carried out:

1. Empty the freezer

Emptying or reducing the contents of the freezer days before defrosting will make the task much easier. In addition, it can be used to cook those foods that you have frozen for a long time and that you have not used until now.

Food kept in the freezer can be moved into a bag wrapped in ice or dry ice. As it is a quick process, these foods can also be stored in the fridge drawers to maintain their state.

2. Prepare the space to be defrosted

As for how to remove the ice from the freezer without unplugging, before starting to do so, cover the floor with towels or newspaper in case pieces of ice or water fall. This is done to avoid wasting water, as well as possible slipping falls.

Also, if the freezer has a drain tube, we can use it to get the water out. To do this, you have to place a container to contain the water that comes out. Afterwards, the shelves can be removed to make the process more comfortable.

3. Melt the ice

There are many tricks and tips on how to remove the ice from the freezer, especially when we need to melt it quickly; for this, we can highlight the following:

Water steam

It is a way that serves to melt the ice easily. You should only place a pot with hot water or several if you have enough space inside the freezer, and you are going to close the door.

To carry it out, you should know that you will need to change the water when it cools every 5 or 6 minutes, trying to place thick towels so that the heat does not damage the shelves or the floor of the machine.


Set hair dryer to the level that produces the most heat when turned on and hold it a little close to the ice. Of course, it is very important to be careful not to bring it too close to the walls! Since the heat could damage them.

You also have to make sure that the cord or dryer does not come into contact with ice or water to avoid electrocution. Also, some vacuum cleaners or garment steamers can help in these cases.

Hot spatula or cloth

With this method gloves should be worn to protect hands from burns. For this process, we will use a metal spatula that will be heated over the fire. Afterwards, the ice will be scraped off carefully and without damaging the inside of the freezer.

If you decide to use the cloth, it has to be soaked in hot water, which will cause the ice to break off. However, you should keep in mind that this process is a bit slow.


It is a common appliance especially if the temperature of the place is high or it is a very hot time. In this case, the fan must be at the height of the freezer so that the warm air circulates inside the freezer.

4. Remove the ice

When most of the ice has been melted using the above-mentioned quick ice melt methods, there will be much less to remove. Therefore, it is recommended to scrape it with a spatula to speed up the process and gradually remove the pieces.

If there is water accumulation, you can use a towel to dry, while, if you have a liquids and solids vacuum cleaner, this will serve to remove water and ice.

5. Clean freezer

When it has been completely done, and the water and ice have been removed, you are ready to proceed with cleaning the appliance. To do this, the use of soap should be avoided, as it is difficult to rinse and can contaminate food.

One of the elements that is recommended to not only defrost the freezer correctly, but also to clean it well, use a mixture of baking soda with water. You have to rub the entire interior with this mixture and then wipe it with a damp towel to remove the excess and dry it.

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