Some ideas for renovating an old house

Are you interested in reforming an old house but do not know where to start? Today we will give you some tips on comprehensive reforms so you can renovate a building from scratch, let’s see it!

 renovating an old house

Let’s start by what is not seen
One of the first things to keep in mind when renovating an old house is everything that has to do with what there is inside the walls, which we do not see with the naked eye. Plumbing, installation of light and gas, we see that despite the years are still in good condition.

Walls, ceilings and floors
Once we are sure that everything is correct, we can start by renovating walls, ceilings and floors. The walls with a coat of paint, removing old paper or droplet as tend to earn much, we will only have problems with those with old tiles, and in this case we will have to replace them with newer models. As far as floors are concerned, if it is very old, bet on granite or terrazzo tiles, or parquet. Another option if the floor is in good condition but you do not like it because it has one of those so striking designs of yesteryear, is to buy vinyl floors that are cheaper than lifting and do the work.

Bathroom and kitchen
The two rooms that tend to have more problems at the time of doing reforms are the bathroom and kitchen. Both can help us to increase the profitability of housing, therefore, these are those that usually take a larger portion of our budget. In addition to the change of tiles that we have foreseen in the previous section, the bathroom often requires replacement of toilet, bathtub or shower and sink, with all the corresponding cabinets. In the kitchen, in addition to the kitchen itself, a reform often changed the appliances such as fridge and dishwasher.

Finally, for a modernize housing, it is important to retire the old furniture with moldings and replace by new furniture, the style that you want. If you bet on something contemporary, you will prefer simple, minimalist furniture.

With these simple steps you will get your old house looks brand new!

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