first baby room

The first room of a baby


The arrival of a baby is always good news for the family. The months of waiting are a cluster of nerves and illusion in equal parts. But it is also a time to think and plan for the future. One of the tasks that we should keep in mind is to prepare a room for the future child.

first baby room

The color of the walls, the furniture or the adornments is usually one of the most careful aspects. The typical pink = girls and blue = boys has already become obsolete, opening new horizons within the reach of parents. Probably the most important thing is that the room gives the feeling of tranquility, as this will positively influence our son or daughter.

One of the most important elements of a baby room, but the most, is certainly the cradle. In addition to offering to the child or kids the maximum comfort for their rest, it must be safe and resistant so that they can move freely. Perhaps in the first few months you see something unnecessary, but when they start to grow we look forward to having prioritized also these two aspects.

As with any couple of parents, the safety of our son or daughter should be a priority. That is why it is essential to avoid placing any heavy object on or near the cradle. We refer basically to shelves, ceiling fans, pictures or photographs on the walls or also ceiling lamps.

first baby room

In addition, we are aware that a small child will always have many toys or clothes, and can even get to “invade” the room. However, at such short ages it is really important that we keep the room as clear as possible to avoid both their stumbling as those of your son or daughter.

It is also not advisable to “overload” our baby’s room, with furniture or other decorative elements. In fact, it is best to start with the basic and essential, with what we are going to use, and go over some extras when it is needed. The crib, a bedside table, a dresser, a comfortable chair may be the most important elements.

Some parents decide that in the first few months, their baby’s crib is in the room where they sleep. Others, however, decide that their son or daughter to sleep from the first moment in their room. If this option is the one that you have chosen, what you have to do is choose a stay that is close to yours to be able to attend to him better.

Lastly, do not forget that the rooms of the child or kids must be perfectly lit, ventilated and always clean, so that the tasks of sanitizing, especially in the first months, will be fundamental.

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