transform dining room decor

The key pieces to transform the dining room decor


Transform the dining room, even the most boring and discreet, with small gestures that make a difference. It’s true what say: the decoration is made of small details and all together make a major difference.

Lamp design, lush plant, a carpet trend, a work of art… Discover the key pieces to transforming the dining room decor and achieve an interior worthy of opinion. Are you read?

transform dining room decor

A lamp-gem

They are the forgotten decoration. Eternal secondary in any space. However, the lamps have long ceased to be mere accessories that light. Currently, the lamps are a very important part of our decor. In fact, they have always been, though many of them have overlooked.

So we recommend you a design lamp to illuminate and decorate your room. In this sense, the possibilities are many and very different. It all depends on what you are looking for. Perhaps a classically inspired lamp-gem, tears of glass, a copper or gold design, a bulb with a light bulb in the view (Edison type) lamp or even an arc floor lamp.

Chairs in different designs and colors

If you’re thinking about renovating your dining room chairs, an ingenious solution to give a new look to this space is mixed chairs. And here are several possibilities: for example, try the same model in different colors or combine completely different models.

An eclectic and fun touch to completely transform your dining room decor without sacrificing comfort. And what kind of chairs? As with the lamps, you can choose different models: a classic chair (Louis XVI type), an industrial design, Scandinavian design or rustic inspiration chair.

A frame

For art lovers, nothing better than putting the cultural touch to the dining room by adding a large picture frame that it becomes the center of attention. To integrate into the environment, choose a picture whose colors are also present in the room decoration. As for the size of the picture, it is recommended that its length is proportional to the size of our table.

A classic rug or trend

If in addition to transforming the dining room, you want to add warmth and comfort, our advice is to opt for a rug. Is it not clear that in the design? You can choose a classic rug for lovers of timeless design or a trend model as geometric prints.

When placing your rug remember that this accessory should cover the entire surface comprising your table and chairs. In addition, it is recommended to leave a margin to move the chairs, without leaving out the rug.

plant in dining room

A large plant or flower arrangements

If in addition to transform your dining room you want to cool this space, you need plants and flowers. Perhaps an exotic large plant that you can place somewhere or floral arrangements that can distribute all this space: as a centerpiece on the sideboard, in any shelf or bookshelf.

Nature is a great decorative appeal. Also, if you choose seasonal flowers, you can renew the look of the dining room for every season. Refreshing and romantic notes of color that do not go out of style and that make a difference.

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