furnishing a child bedroom

Tips for furnishing a child bedroom


We want to review some of the basic recommendations for decorating a children’s bedroom.

furnishing a child bedroom

We begin, in chronological order, with the room of the newborn. The blue-pink dichotomy has long since become obsolete. Today there is a wide variety of colors ranging from beige to light yellow or lilac. The softer colors give them calmness. As for lighting, it is advisable to place a lamp in the center of the ceiling and another on one of the walls of the bedroom. We will place a few curtains of a material that does not retain too much dust. The basic furniture will be composed of cradle, wardrobe and bedside table.

Then, after approximately four years, the child will begin to spend more time playing in their room. The bedroom decor therefore must change and adapt to the new stage. If for example the room is an attic floor, we can place the bed in the area where the roof is lower and take advantage of the rest. We have to choose a dominant color without falling into monotony. One idea is to combine textures in wall, fabric and floor.

furnishing a child bedroom

If the room does not stand out precisely because of its spaciousness, we can gain some space by placing the bed under the window. If this is a sliding opening, its better. These are also safer for children do not hit them. Of course, make sure these are watertight, so there is no leakage of water or air. It is essential that we use a safety catch so that windows are only partially open. In addition to the above, the furniture you buy must be adapted to the height of the child. If the bedroom is small, we can dispense with the bedside table and replace it with a comfortable where to store things. Another suggestion is the expandable beds that are growing as the child does.

Another idea is a modular bunk, perfect if two children are going to share the same room. Instead of a bed, you can place a drawer to store your toys or part of your clothing or footwear. Finally, we want to remind you that the natural wood furniture gives a warm touch to the bedroom, whether this is a child or an adult. The woods with natural veins will bring a plus of elegance to the space. If you also add a carpet or rug with a similar tone, the set will be spectacular.

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