Tips when choosing garden furniture

To make the most of our patio or garden in summer, it is very important to choose the right furniture. The size, the materials or the style, are characteristics that we should not leave aside when choosing garden furniture. It is also very important to know the use that we are going to give them as well as their quality. For this reason, we always recommend buying them in specialized stores that guarantee the first quality. In the case that you are looking for furniture for your garden or patio, these tips that we leave below will come in handy when choosing them.

choosing garden furniture

Tips for choosing garden furniture

Size and space

The first thing we should consider before choosing the furniture set would be the size we have. It is not the same to furnish a small terrace than a large garden. In the case of reduced space, what we recommend is to bet on furniture that is easy to store when we are not using them. Folding furniture or stackable chairs can be a great idea.

In the case that we want to use this furniture as a place to eat or dine, it is important to know the number of diners to choose the chairs and the size of the table. As this data may vary, it is always good to bet on options such as extendable tables.

Of course, you can always opt for solutions that adapt to your needs. In this sense, the modular sets usually give a lot of play.

garden furniture

Materials and care

We must think that this furniture will be outside, so sometimes they may be subject to the actions of the weather. They must be prepared to withstand high temperatures, rain and even cold. For this reason, not all materials are valid. Let’s look at some that meet what you’re looking for.

Synthetic rattan

It is a polyethylene fiber very resistant to water and ultraviolet rays from the sun. It is characterized by being very durable and hardly requiring maintenance.

Natural rattan

It is a lighter and more flexible material than the previous one. Its fibers are almost impossible to break and do not require much maintenance. It adapts to all kinds of shapes and designs.


Here we can find aluminum and stainless steel. The latter are the toughest, but they are heavier than aluminum.


If we are looking for wooden furniture, we should choose those that are teak, robinia and acacia, since they are very resistant to moisture. Anyway, make sure they are treated to withstand temperature changes, as well as rain.


A material to be used on the tables. In this case, it should be tempered glass to improve safety, since it is a material that is very difficult to break.

outdoor cushions

Outdoor cushions

Many of the outdoor furniture have built-in cushions and others you can add to your liking. Seats, backrests and decorative cushions. The most important thing is that seats and cushions, which will remain in place throughout the spring-summer season, are resistant to the outdoors. The fabrics are special so that they do not discolor with UV rays and are waterproof and the foams inside the covers also have special characteristics: they do not accumulate moisture and prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. The cotton covers (canvas type) are for sheltered spaces and you must ensure that they can be washed in the washing machine.

Choose the right lighting

In the case of outdoor night events, another essential factor is the choice of adequate lighting for each outdoor environment. In this regard, the emergence of furniture and accessories made of polyethylene with decorative lighting, with a wide range of colors, shapes and textures, has led to a qualitative leap in the configuration of cozy and emotional spaces, both at home and in the hospitality industry.

Do not forget the garden accessories

In addition to the furniture, it is important not to forget the accessories that will help us to give it a more special touch and comfort. The use of sun loungers, hammocks or rockers can help us achieve this goal. Nor should we forget to get a parasol that helps us protect ourselves from the sun’s rays. Also, remember the outdoor cushions to beautify our garden. In the case of cushions, bet on the cheerful colors and fabrics that are resistant to the sun.

In addition to these tips that we have seen throughout our publication, what other things do you think we should keep in mind when choosing furniture for outdoor areas? Encourage and share with us all your comments. We are waiting for you!