landscaping tips

D.I.Y Landscaping Tips & Tricks


Most landscaping initiatives involve a lot of ground work, literally ground work which can be quite intimidating to the novice landscaper. Building walls and placing stone or brick paths that weave through the landscape transforms the entire garden into something almost magical is not as trivial as it may seem.

landscaping tips

Even the flowerbeds, trees, rocks, ornaments and plants that you factor into your garden play essential roles towards creating the ambience that you intend to create. The most important aspect of landscaping is the planning phase, simply because, planning out your garden is a critical factor towards keeping your landscaped garden within your means.

When it comes to landscaping, budgeting is everything, and by budgeting, we do not just mean budgeting costs, but also budgeting time as the time factor will determine how fast you will be able to enjoy the comfort of your home once again. This article will give you some general tips on how to go about landscaping and managing everything in a practical and orderly manner.

First and foremost as it is with any other project, big or small, you must be able to determine the needs and wants of the project. Start with a list of things that you might need and subject each element in that list to a cost estimate that is legit and justifiable (do some homework – get pricings by making a few calls to different vendors).

Determine items on your list based on a practical perspective, for instance, excavator hire would be more economical to do earthworks than hiring 5 workers (labourers) to compact the ground, bring down walls and remove debris.

These kinds of decisions takes care of dual factors as hiring an excavator would save time as it would be able to perform tasks that would take 5 workers 5 days within a day or two which will actually lower the cost of the project quite significantly.

Use grass and plants that are easy to maintain instead of using plants that are expensive and require a lot of maintenance. Study the wind patterns and the positions of the sun throughout the day as this is among the most overlooked factor when people decide to landscape that ultimately become a nightmare to rectify.

Identify focal points that give your garden that panache and ensure that the focal point is within clear view of where you would sit and rest. Do not ignore space factors, it is important to scale the garden reasonably and practically or suffer the consequences of the garden becoming an impractical place to ‘hang out’ which defeats its entire purpose.

This is simply because a landscaped garden serves as a place where you ease into nature effortlessly, a place for you to sit and reminisce or the place where you are able to enjoy solitude away from it all.

Last, but not least, when it comes to landscaping projects, always be open to change because as you probably already know, change is the only ‘constant’ in life.