children party decoration

Decoration for children’s parties


The decoration of children’s parties can be impressive and at the same time cheap and easy to do, if you follow these simple guidelines, use a little imagination and plan well in advance.

Ideas for children’s parties

Welcome Poster: A welcome sign in the front yard or at the front door is a good way to welcome guests. Match it with the theme and colors of the party, it will be a perfect children’s party decoration.

children party decoration

Balloons: Balloons cannot miss a party for children; these are cheap, colorful and all children love it. Choose the color of the balloons depending on the theme of the party. For example, two shades of green for a jungle party, orange and black for a Halloween party, etc. A few helium balloons can be tied in the middle of the party table as a centerpiece. An arc of balloons is a striking way to direct guests to the party area. Simply attach helium balloons to a loop and secure it to the ground on both sides of the door frame. Remember to tie some balloons to the mailbox to indicate to the guests where the party is. Make sure you have enough balloons to give each guest a gift when they leave.

Crepe Paper: Another easy and cheap decoration is crepe paper. Tie four or six strips from the lamp in the center of the room to the corners and walls. To wind as we stretch and secure with painter’s tape or with rubber glue, both will be easy to remove when the party is over. To give a more sophisticated effect, twist together two strips of paper of different color. Place a pair of balloons on the ends of the paper to cover the quote or glue. You can also hang crepe paper strips at the door entrances. Toggle colors to create greater visual interest. With balloons and crepe paper is enough to give the party area a festive and fun atmosphere.

Table decoration: Personalize the party table with some ornaments made by us. Start with a tablecloth designed by the host of the party. Cut a strip of wrapping paper and let the child decorate it with colored markers, colored pencils, pictures cut from magazines, pieces of paper of different shapes and colors, etc. Then, wrap the child’s creation between a colored plastic tablecloth and a transparent one, so that they can see all, but at the same time be protected. Use one or more child toys related to the theme of the party as a centerpiece.

children party decoration

Costumes: You do not usually think of costumes as part of the decoration, but these are. It adorns people, instead of walls or tables. It is fun for the host and guests to dress up for something related to the theme of the party, even if it is only with a cap, funny glasses or a t-shirt on the subject. This conveys a playful air that makes the party derive in a festive spirit.

If we plan the issue several months in advance, we can anticipate our needs and take advantage of offer and discounts to reduce the cost of decoration. Have a container in which to store the decorative elements for decoration of children’s next parties that we see of offer throughout the year.

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