recycle paper lanterns

7 ideas to recycle paper lanterns


Today we review 7 ideas to recycle paper lanterns and give them back prominence in our home. Because we love recycling and because old paper lanterns can still give us a lot!

recycle paper lanterns

Paper lanterns are a good and economic solution for lighting our home but after a time when we get tired of it or finally find the lamp we are looking for the dining room or children’s room, what do we do with them? Today we review some ideas that can help us to reuse old paper lanterns and give them new prominence in our home. Or convert them from simple lamps to very special lamps that we will not want to change for anything. Easy tricks or simple ideas that perhaps did not occur to you and that we bring you to surprise and help you give them new life. Because we love recycling and because old paper lanterns can still give us a lot!

decorative vases

1. Decorative vases

One of the first options that we discovered with the paper lanterns is to turn them into vases as nice and colorful and of course we loved the idea. Also if you have XXL size lanterns you can use them as vases for the floor and thus give a different air to that corner that you just do not like. It cannot be simpler and the result surprises but at the same time falls in love, right? Well, you know, you only need charming lanterns or give a new look to white lanterns if you are a handyman. You do not need much… and you will already have ideal vases.

theme parties

2. Decorations for theme parties

Whatever the theme of your party, sure you find some fun way to use paper lanterns and make them a prominent element. Whether it’s a Christmas party in which they become an XL snowman or a party on the sea where they can become spectacular hanging jellyfish that will attract all eyes. There are so many options, that the difficult thing will be to choose one!

birthday decoration

3. Birthday Decoration

In the same line as the previous one but thinking specifically about the parties of the little ones. Filled with all kinds of funny characters the parties of the little ones using paper lamps as a base, simple but very effective. The old paper lamps can be transformed into his favorite characters to add a touch of color and originality to the party. From ninja turtles to minions, pigs, fish… your imagination is the limit

You can hang them or use them to decorate tables, corners or whatever you can think of because they can have many uses and all very fun and colorful. The kids will surely love it and it will be a very special and remembered party.

baby gifts

4. Baby gifts

If a small child has just been born in the family or among your friends this may be the perfect gift to surprise you the day you go to your first visit. A beautiful balloon full of little details for the newcomer that will surely be very useful to Mommy and also can use the balloon to decorate the nursery. Do not you love the idea? It has conquered us. And it is that every day are becoming more fashionable baby parties or baby showers and this may be the ideal gift if you have invited one.

5. Lamps for the little ones

Yes, you can also continue using them as ceiling lamps but now giving them a new life with a little DIY and imagination and getting to create something really different and beautiful like these owls that will decorate your room and make your imagination fly. If you like the idea it is very simple, you no longer have excuses for your little ones not to enjoy some fun lamps!

ceiling lamps

Another option that we love is the balloons that fly through your room. In this case they have a little more work but surely with enthusiasm and a little patience you also get it and the result is well worth the effort, right? A beautiful way to decorate the room of the smallest of the house.

special centerpieces

6. Very special centerpieces

Another of the most beautiful uses we have found is for events such as weddings, parties, special birthdays but now used as centerpiece to which they will bring both light and a special charm. In addition we can decorate them with natural flowers or dry branches and they will be that beautiful, especially if we choose a paper lantern with color that will become the center of all eyes. An option that we have certainly loved and we will consider for upcoming occasions, do not you think?

7. Very sweet details

How are these two ideas that we present to you next. Turn your paper lantern into a gigantic cone that decorates any special moment. Or in a candy full of color and extra large size. Both ideas are fun and greedy and can get us out of trouble in the next event that we are preparing because they are very fun and decorative, do not you think?

There are no more excuses for not recycling the old paper lamps, sure you find an idea that suits you and you like and reuse them. A form of economic lighting that also offers a wide variety of options when it comes to giving new life.

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