Common mistakes when painting wooden furniture


It is increasingly common to give new life to old wooden or disused furniture. This work is usually done by changing the color, placing new handles, decorating certain areas, etc.

painting wooden furniture

When we have to paint wooden furniture, many times we make common mistakes that can be solved if previously we have them in mind. So then we’ll see what these frequent mistakes are.

The most common mistakes when painting wooden furniture

Sanding the furniture

If we want to paint wooden furniture it is essential to sand the surface well. One of the most common mistakes is not to sand enough. And sometimes the proper sandpaper is not used. Therefore, this first step is essential to do it properly.

Primer or sealing base layer

The previous layer of primer or sealer is always highly recommended for optimum results. This second step is a job that often neglected but always achieved better results if done correctly.

No sanding between each layer

Between each coat of paint is convenient to sand gently. The goal is to eliminate minor imperfections that can be: hairs of the brush, etc. This step is very important where we want furniture that is completely smooth.

Respect the drying time

When there is no respect for the drying time recommended by the paint manufacturer that we are using, the finishing of the furniture is usually worse. You have to let the paint dry well before applying another layer.

Not choose a good location

The location where you perform the work is very important. If we are in an area which is exposed to sunlight, the paint used can be altered as you may have certain components that react to sunlight. If we are in an area with wind, leaves or dirt can stay glued to painting.

Tools and quality materials

The cheap comes out expensive. If you do not use brushes and paint quality, the work we do may be impaired. It is therefore advisable not to skimp on the painting of the wooden furniture.

Painting order

If the furniture that we are going to paint have details or certain areas in which there is to use the brush, it is advisable to paint them first and then paint the rest with a foam roller. We must avoid painting like crazy and without any sort of order.

Taking into account these common mistakes when painting the wooden furniture, we will make our jobs remain perfect.