new look in home

5 tips for a new look in your home full of simplicity and romance


It is always possible to get a new breathe in our homes and what better way to achieve it than with unexpected mixtures that break with the every day, with the normal and the known. Vases, sofas, cushions, vases in colors of dusty tones, pictures with natural images, chairs, textiles in sober colors, light and luminous and endless elements that you can find to convert and redefine a space, almost a sanctuary, naturality, simplicity and romanticism.

new look in home

Here are 5 key tips:

1. All in order!

The order is vital in the spaces, plus it makes everything look good and perfect, stabilizes the mind, everything flows more easily and improves your mood. To keep everything in order, you can opt for organizers full of design and colors that give your space the liveliness of nature.

2. Light colors

The light colors are preferred for our mind, have better energy and make everything look delicate and soft, inviting rest and reflection, so always choose to include them in all your spaces.

3. Natural Materials

Giving a new breath to your home also consisted of including a little of the natural thing, that reminds us of our essence and that only with being inside our space, it helps us to relax and reconnect with what really matters. Well, sure you’ll think but how? Simple, choose to have clear natural woods, or floral prints, decorating pieces that bring something of that natural world to our home.

4. Customize your space!

Another tip to give your home a new breath is to include something of your own; something done for you that remembers important things and motivates you every day. For example, a cork with a picture of your family or a map of dreams, you choose.

5. Bring the past to life!

Giving parts of the past a new opportunity to breath is also an option to give your home a new look. How about EAMES chairs? Decorating icons the house and will definitely be fine in your space.

We already show that there are several ways to give your home a different, romantic and natural air. So no more excuses continuing with that decoration that no longer generates anything and motivates you to be better.