use pink color

6 ways to use pink color to decorate your home without being cheesy


Do you like pink but not use it in decoration for fear of falling into decorative kitsch? Do not worry! It does not have to be this way. Today we tell you how you can use the pink color to decorate and hit the spot. Get elegant and bright environments suitable for men and women.

use pink color

One of the most common topics that are repeated to exhaustion in the modern society in which we are immersed is that the color pink is a color of women. Of girls … It happens with the fashion, with the complements, with the toys and, therefore, also with the decoration of our houses. However, as far as this last aspect is concerned, there are several great ways to use pink to decorate spaces where not only women live. We tell you how to decorate with pink without being cheesy.

There are several great ways to decorate with pink and to triumph. Today we are going to give you some keys that will help you to get it. Keep reading.

Use the pink color to decorate your walls
If ever you have thought to paint the walls of your room in pink, you know that decoratively speaking you’re not so wrong. It is a luminous color, which brings warmth and a subtle point of delicacy that you love.

Of course, it is important to choose the hue and intensity of the color well. One tone that really likes to wear the house is the pink quartz, along with the blue serenity.

And if you prefer to go carefully and not run the risk of excelling yourself, you can always paint only one wall and see the effect. Combine pink with black or gray and counteract the femininity of color.

Use it in textiles
A great way to use the pink color to decorate the room is to put it in textiles. These elements, starting with the curtains and following the cushions or carpets, have an important weight in the overall interior of a space.

If you like pink curtains, bet on smooth fabrics in light and bright tones. Forget the prints on this occasion; the smooth ones will give your environment a much more modern touch.

Pink upholstery? A safe trial
You may not have ever considered buying a pink sofa. Or an armchair. The fact is that upholstery in pink fabrics to decorate the room can be a great ally. The key is not to add more elements of this color, but to counteract it with gray, brown or white.

You can also combine your upholstery in a light pink tone with other pastel elements like blue or green. Or the white. This is precisely one of the favorite color combinations of the Nordic style in decoration, in addition to combining the light colors with the tone of the natural wood.

use pink color

In the bedroom
The bedroom is one of the rooms of the house that best welcomes the color pink to decorate. It can be because in this room destined to rest there triumph the colors and elements that add comfort and relax, and it is not possible to deny that the pink is one of these tonalities.

And to eliminate any hint of kitsch that the pink could add to the environment, combine it with blacks and grays and you will see the result: a balanced and glamorous atmosphere.

Some pink cushions
A few simple pink cushions on your sofa will give the environment that elegant and cosmopolitan touch that everyone likes. Save the prints and combine them with other more sober colors (although to be more boring than the pink). In contrast you will find the exact measurement to enjoy this color as controversial as great.

The power of complements
You already know that in decoration which account is the overall effect. There may be some element that does not convince you at all. Or a color that does not just like you. However, if the set works, if it is balanced, the result will be more than positive.

So, despite your reluctance to use the pink color to decorate, you may have to put some complement in this color: a blanket on the sofa, a vase, a photo frame or any other ornament.

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