decorating stairs

Decorating stairs: Essential advice for a staircase


The staircase is an absolutely different space from the rest of the house. Greater height, more light and a different “geography”. It is therefore one of the few parts of the house that offers more possibilities at the time of decorating. Although it is a place of transit, its strong presence should lead us to decorate it by highlighting its specificity. We can take advantage of the staircase: a wardrobe, a shelf…

decorating stairs

The first thing is to decide if we are going to decorate the whole staircase or only one of its parts: wall, railing, steps and the stair hollow.

The walls can also be decorated either with paintings or frames, or by completely covering them with some material different from the rest of the walls. For this we can use stones, wood or any other material that is in accordance with the decoration.

In any case – and the advice is extending to the rest of the one part of our stair – we should never overload the walls, as these will reduce the sense of spaciousness of the room. There are always and in every circumstance to be taken into consideration that more not always and in all circumstances is more, that is, better.

In the case of the railing, we must choose a style related to the area where the stairs are. The most eye-catching are the wood in dark tones or in white. If we bet on something more modern, we can change colors, including the most attractive and alive, and even the material.

The plants can have a huge stardom on a ladder, by the presence of more light and the required vertical space. We can put plants and flowers in the bars of the railing or an attractive plant in the first step of the staircase next to the wall.

Although the designs of the steps are recently so showy that practically do not require decoration, always and at all times we can opt for a carpet to beautify them. In the latter case the essential thing to do is to select a material that does not slip and does not catch dust easily. An alternative to carpets can be cover stairs with unique materials or even paint them with original designs.

decorating stairs

The hollow
Finally, the stair hollow can be the most interesting factor to decorate. It is no longer a space to which we can provide a new function without disturbing the staircase; there is that benefit. For this we can put a shelf full of books or objects of decoration that we do not know where to “park”. It can also serve to create a small closet or to create a reserved shoemaker.