spiral staircase

Spiral staircases for your home


The stairs have a primary function in our house; since these are in charge of joining two floors of different heights, in addition to occupy a very relevant place inside the home. A spiral staircase, is a staircase design that is characterized by its circular shape, with the steps that revolve around an axis. In this article we will talk about spiral staircases with railing for your home, because betting on this type of railings is to bet on good taste.

spiral staircase

What is spiral staircase?
A spiral staircase is that type of staircase that revolves around a propeller. This type of stairs may have different turns, although those that has a greater number of turns, commonly found in towers of old fortifications.

When should we choose a spiral staircase?
Before choosing a type of staircase for our home, it is important to ask the type of needs that we want to fulfill. Typically, a spiral staircase is optimal for small spaces, as it does not take up much space and can be placed in a corner of the home, however, nowadays, these types of stairs are also ideal for giving a touch of distinction and elegance to our house, turning it into a protagonist of the space.

So if your home is small or you have a design house, opt for a spiral staircase is a great option.

spiral staircase

Benefits of Spiral Staircases
As we have said, one of the main benefits of spiral staircases is that these take up little space, so it is one of the best alternatives if you do not want to give up any square meter in your home. Another of the benefits of the spiral staircase is that these are very comfortable and decorative, getting a point of distinction from which we lack other types of stairs. Finally, another of the good things to note from spiral staircases is how easy they are to mount, without need of great works for this.

Most common materials of spiral staircases
There are two common materials in which we can find this type of spiral staircase:

Design of stairs made of metal:
The metal spiral staircases are very resistant, ideal spiral staircases to combine with another type of materials.

Design of wooden spiral staircases
The wooden spiral stairs are those stairs made largely of wood, giving a cozy and comfortable look to our home.

Although these two elements are the most common in the development of spiral staircases, it is also true that we can find less frequent alternatives, such as glass or even concrete stairs.

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