separate living rooms

7 ideas to separate living rooms


Nowadays the open and diaphanous spaces are in fashion, this has made the environments that previously coexisted separated by walls, are now united in the same space. The room separators fulfill the function of dividing the space to get the visual effect that each environment has its place. In this article we present some ideas of space separators for the living room that will surely inspire you, let’s see!

separate living rooms

Separate environments using decorative panels
The living room where dining, kitchen and halls together are in the latest fashion, however, it is possible that for some reason you just not convince to have everything together and stirred, even though you want to keep it structurally identical. One way to separate the environments without using the walls are the decorative panels. There are a lot of panels, from the fixed to the movable ones that can be rolled and uncurled whenever we need it.

Separate environments through sliding doors
Today a proposal that is widely used to separate environments in a practical way, are sliding doors that act practically as a wall, closing the room from side to side. This allows us to close the space when we want to enjoy more intimacy.

separate living rooms

Separate the kitchen from the living room with kitchen island
Having an open kitchen is a luxury, as it allows us to cook and serve the guests in a same space. One way to visually divide the space between the kitchen and the living room is with a kitchen island. These are very fashionable and are very useful, especially if you love cooking.

Separate the environment visually with contrasts of colors and materials
If you want to create a different area in the living room, a way to separate the environment is by using a change of color in the walls, this change can be given by a different paint or other material, such as wood slats. The result is very curious and effective.

separate living rooms

Separate environments with a shelf
Do you want to separate the environment in physical form and do not know how to do it? Buy a shelf! Ideally, it should be hollowed out side and side, so that the light is allowed to pass and there are no darkened areas in the house.

Separate spaces using a screen
If you want something that you can move from side to side when you need it, the ideal is to use a screen. There are a lot of ideas of screens that surely you will love. The result is a screen of the most original and different.

Separate environments through the sofa
Finally, there is another way to separate living room with dining room and kitchen, and it is by the sofa itself. It is a very simple way to be able to mark the space of the room, getting it to be differentiated from the others.

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