5 common mistakes in decorating shelves and how to fix them


decorate your shelves

Shelves tend to be often the centerpiece decoration, are always in sight, so you must first, keep them always in order and with the right elements. It is not good to saturate them or to waste space. First of all, select what you think you should go in space, according to the location of the shelf, whether it is in the bedroom or in another space, and then try these ways to decorate your shelves look beautiful, neat and stylish.

decorate your shelves

1.Organized by groups

Error: Put several elements together in order to display a little of each of your tastes, without following an order or a decoration plan.

Solution: One of the best ways to accommodate your house, your closet and even your shelves, organize everything by groups or categories, so the job will be easier. For example, if you have a collection of encyclopedia, of any piece, perfect. It does not matter if they are in different sizes or colors as long as they are grouped together.

Even so try to put the pieces in different parts of it, you do not need to put them all together in a row. Distribute them all over the shelf and you will look much better. For example, if you have items of a color that you like, look for several that resembles and combine to create harmony throughout the space.

2. In the variety is the pleasure!

Error: Accommodate all objects by size to make everything look more organized.

Solution: The fact that you have all your objects of the same size, will not make your shelf more organized, or good maybe, yes, but also make it boring and common, if looking for style and innovation is about. So it varies with the pieces that you include in your decoration, elements, large, small or medium, mix details, sizes, textures and colors will make shelves more varied and with different uses.

Tip: Believe it or not, the mixture of large and small elements give a sense of order in space.

3. Books

Error: Accommodate all books vertically to make the shelf look tidier.

Solution: On most shelves it is common to find books and is that these are precisely a very functional piece of decoration that will never go out of style. Try adjusting them in different ways, vertically, horizontally, with some design object on top, you can do it as you like.

Tip: Place some large pieces as a reference point on your shelf, then put the larger books and complement them with some pretty piece. If you have enough space you can place some small pieces.

4. Textures

Error: Based on the same style and trend so that the shelf does not look improvised or messy.

Solution: To make your shelf look dynamic and more stylish you can add elements with textures or pronounced details such as wicker baskets or some ceramics, as well as books with striking covers, glass or wood details.

5. Colors that stand out

Error: Leave the shelves as you bought them and do not try different alternatives.

Solution: If you want to make your shelf highlight in space what you can do is paint the background of a darker or lighter color than the wall where it is located. Try also; wallpaper with many designs and you will see how different it will look in front of other shelves.

The great thing about the shelves is that you can change them as many times as you want, for example, according to the time, the things you have, for example, if you went on a trip you can put pieces from different parts of the world and achieve a very modern shelf. The key is that you select what you will put, try placing it in different positions and then give them your own style. However, always remember that less is more!