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Your dining table: Rectangular or round?


Dining tables are daily protagonists of important family moments, such as meals or meetings; however, at the time of choosing it is not clear what the ideal table for your space is.

Beyond if you like round or rectangular dining tables, the reason of its shape also responds to the type of space in which it can be located.

When you are going to buy your dining table the first thing that you should ask yourself is which position you will install it, that is to say, with what space it counts: does a vertical dining table fit in your space? Is it too narrow with a round dining table? Such questions should be asked when you choose.

round table

If you choose a round table, keep in mind that it steals all the space because everything revolves around them and therefore need a large space to look good and not saturated within the place.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than being at a dinner party and not having to leave your chair as many times as you want, so think about it very well.

Tip: If you have a large living room, opt for a round dining room.

The shape of the dining room also greatly influences how the conversations will unfold and the moments during meetings or dinners. For example, round tables are more familiar because removing the header will all be at the same level and there will not be those typical battles between brothers to be in command, when a rectangular table is treated.

rectangular table

The small square tables are a good choice of furniture with straight lines, because being small, gives the possibility that everyone can see and talk to each other, without anyone covering anyone, unlike the long rectangular tables, where sometimes it’s uncomfortable to start a conversation: has it happened to you?

If you have children, round tables are perfect because it help to prevent accidents. In addition, often rectangular table legs are often uncomfortable in meetings and limit the possibility of including one more member to dinner.

We show you the different advantages and disadvantages of each dining table; however, first there are your tastes, your ideas and the space with which you count. So guide yourself with these little tips, choose the dining table that suits you and your style and that’s it, it’s time to say: dinner is served!

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