decorate with color

5 rules to follow to decorate with color


Sometimes, to achieve a great change in the decoration of our houses, with a touch of color it will be sufficient.

But this attempt could be disastrous if we do not know how to do it properly. To avoid any mistakes, keep in mind these 5 rules that you must follow to decorate with color properly.

decorate with color

1. If it’s your first time using color, go slow. Seeing the chromatic palette at the paint site can be overwhelming. If you are first in painting section, avoid strong tones and avoid using the color in large quantities. Start with a single wall and see how you feel. Inspire yourself with shades that catch your eye to reference images and let yourself be guided by your instincts.

2. Think of the shades of your decor and complement them with the color of the wall. Wall color combination is sometimes not as easy as we think. It could even hurt us by wrongly contrasting. If you already have your established decoration – fabrics, accessories and designs – and you want to paint a wall, depending on the predominant tone, choose the complementary color. For them remembers the classic chromatic circle. That circle that tells us exactly which color complements who. This means that it is the one that is completely conflicting.

3. The intense color – royal blue or black – work well as inspiration and do not usually have the same effect when transfer them to your home. It is normal to find inspiring photos of bedrooms and living rooms that use dark tones that we love. But the reality is that these colors can be dangerous and when we decide to implement them inside our decoration can be a failed attempt or can hurt us. If you cheer up remember that these tones are better in spaces where the natural light protagonists. If this is definitely the color of your dreams, complement it with furniture and accessories in clear shades.

4. If you decide to paint in white and avoid any type of color, be careful to choose one that is yellow family. Tell you that not all white colors are the same you might think that we are crazy, but not. Whites, as any color, have a range that passes by tones of the colors. Of course, in minimal quantities. If it happens that sometimes you enter a house that is painted white but you feel that the painting looks old, it is because the base of this tone is more beige. So avoid it and notice that its base is blue or gray because it will be a brighter white, suitable to give life to your spaces so it is not a strong color.

decorate with color

5. Painting walls is not the only way to introduce color to your home. The boom of wallpaper – hanging paper – every day becomes stronger. It is a practical, quick and fun way to bring color and texture to your spaces. When you think about redecorating some space in your house, do not fit with a single tone for the wall. Nowadays we find different options in wallpaper that can work for us.

Remember that colors affect our mood and knowing how to implement them in our decoration is important for the design to be successful and not overwhelm or bored. With these 5 rules you must follow to decorate with color you will not lose.

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