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Ideas for Decorating the Kitchen


One of the rooms that can generate more doubts when giving a face to our home is the kitchen. The decoration of kitchens is an art and there are many elements that must be taken into account when decorating the kitchen in a way that is functional without losing in beauty and style.

remodeling kitchen

If you are thinking of completely remodeling the kitchen of your house, in this article we explain everything you need to know to end up having the kitchen of your dreams, are you ready?

Large Kitchens vs. Small Kitchen Decorating

When designing the new kitchen, it is not the same consider a decoration large kitchen that a small kitchen decoration.

Large Kitchen Decoration

If you are lucky enough to have a large kitchen, you are in luck. A large kitchen means plenty of amenities. For example, with a large kitchen you can choose to put an island or bar for breakfast, it is even possible that you can integrate a table to eat all in family, turning the space into a kitchen-dining room. By having more space you can put long and large kitchen countertops for cooking and appliances with great capabilities.

Small Kitchen Decoration

The decoration of small kitchen is a little more complicated, since it should put in little space all the basics to make it a complete kitchen. This type of kitchen must have many storage solutions to be able to save in a short space that many stored in multiple cabinets.

Also, it usually has small countertops, single-sided sinks and little space to let the pots dry. It is important to look for the way the kitchen being small, so you have to know how to take advantage of perfection all its corners and solutions.

For example, in the decoration of small kitchens, you can opt for cooking tables and narrow kitchen cabinets to take advantage of space; you can also hang the microwave so you do not steal space to the counter and buy a narrow but high fridge, such as those are found in many lofts.

Kitchen Decorating Styles

Deciding the kitchen design is essential to ensure that your project feels its foundations, it is not the same as wanting a modern kitchen that want a rustic kitchen or a kitchen with vintage touches. Therefore, when designing your kitchen you must take into account the style of decoration desired.

Modern Kitchens Decoration

If you are in love with the latest in kitchen decoration, you must design your entire project based on the minimalism and simplicity of modern kitchens. Simple lines, smooth cabinets, austerity and elegance mark the decorative line of modern kitchens.

rustic kitchens decoration

Rustic Kitchens Decoration

The traditional never goes out of style, and in fact, rustic kitchens are still very well seen today. What differentiates a modern kitchen from a rustic is the personality of the furniture and decoration, which without being too demanding, offers a homely style that could make you feel “at home”.

Decorating kitchens open to the dining room

Although not properly a style, the decoration of kitchens open to the dining room has become one of the preferred demands for the kitchen lovers. Opening the kitchen to the dining room, you gain a lot of space and there is the option of placing other items that perhaps, without opening it, would be impossible, like kitchen island. In addition, the kitchens-dining room offers a world of advantages, such as not feeling isolated when guests come home and you have to cook.

vintage kitchens decoration

Vintage Kitchens Decoration

The vintage has returned with force, this makes that many people choose to remodel the whole house with a style between retro-modern that gives a very current appearance.

7 basics in kitchen decoration

There are many factors that play a major role in the kitchen decoration. If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen and need help for new design, we will present the basic aspects that you should consider when decorating the kitchen as you would like it.

1. Functionality of the kitchen

If you have the possibility to start your kitchen, one of the aspects that you must evaluate is if your kitchen is functional or if it is better to change the distribution of the elements: furniture, appliances, table, islands, etc. It is best to have a kitchen that meets all the necessary requirements but that is functional, and that the functionality of the kitchen should become your biggest concern when looking for information on kitchen decoration.

2. Kitchen countertops

When we enter a kitchen one of the aspects that most caught our attention is the counter top. The role of kitchen countertops is essential when it comes to making your own kitchen project: the countertops serve to season, prepare food and dishes before serving; it is also the space we use to make our culinary inventions. In kitchen remodeling, take into account the countertop, it is essential to have a perfect kitchen.

Today, there are many kitchen countertop options to give a personal and modern touch to the kitchen project you have in mind. You can choose from laminate kitchen countertops, granite kitchen countertops, quartz kitchen countertops, wood kitchen countertops, etc. You decide what material to use on the countertop of your kitchen to make the kitchen project you have in mind.

3. Taps and Sinks

Every kitchen should have taps and sinks to clean food, saucepans and dishes, so this is an element that should be well integrated into the chosen worktop. If it is a small kitchen, when it comes to decorating the kitchen, you may have to opt for a single-sided sink.

4. Furniture for kitchen

Another element that plays an important role in the aspect of your kitchen are kitchen furniture. Just take a look at the books and magazines about kitchen decor to see how the cabinets help give the right look to the kitchen of our dreams. If we want modern kitchens, we should choose simple kitchen cabinets, while if we prefer a rustic kitchen, we should opt for kitchen cabinets with moldings. It will be the kitchen cabinets that mark the style of this room.

5. Kitchen islands

The kitchen islands give extra points of functionality to a current and grinding kitchen. If you have the possibility to completely change your kitchen and you have a large space, include a kitchen island with sink will give you that modern and unique touch that was missing. In kitchen decoration it is very common to include this type of kitchen islands in your projects, as it is the ideal space for those women and men who love to cook. In addition, these kitchen islands can be used as a table for breakfast, lunch and snacks, all advantages!

6. Backsplash and tile

In kitchen decoration must also be taken into account the backsplash or tiles. Every kitchen should have a backsplash that prevents stains on the wall while cooking or washing dishes, from there to tiles often only put in the wall that is up to the sink, although everything depends on the structure of the kitchen.

7. Kitchen appliances

In our project to decorate the kitchen, we should think that appliances are basic to our kitchen. The appliances that cannot be missing in any home are: the refrigerator, hob, extractor hood, oven and microwave, from here, if decide to put dishwashers, is a personal choice.

With these little kitchen designs ideas we can start to carry out our own project, go ahead!

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