How to decorate with hanging lamps for kitchen?

Are you looking for an alternative in luminaire that provides functionality and aesthetic appeal to your environments? Do you need specific solutions for your kitchen? What do you think of hanging lamps for kitchen?

kitchen pendant lamps

At first glance, thinking about kitchens with pendant lamps or kitchens with chandeliers is attractive, but what as functional can be this kind of luminaires to a workspace and use as frequent as this?

Fortunately, the trends in decoration of kitchens with lamps are indicating that the use of this kind of lamp can be beneficial, since these are suitable alternatives for work areas where direct light is more than a desire, but a necessity and that can obtain from hanging kitchen lamps.

Where to locate pendant lamps in kitchen?

An increasingly widespread use as a pendant lamps in kitchen, it is the hanging lights for kitchen islands. These are ideal because as we mention before, these offer a kind of light rather direct that allows the work perfectly illuminated in case the island is used for that or enjoy a warm and cozy place to eat.

Another alternative if placing kitchen pendant lamps is to use the lamps to highlight the bureau that in many houses is usually located in the same environment of the kitchen.

Of course, before installing this kind of hanging light for kitchen, it is necessary to consider, for example, the distance between the lamp and the table, to avoid glare and discomfort. Make sure there is at least 70 cm of space between the table and the hanging lamps.

kitchen pendant lamps

Tips for Choosing Kitchen Ceiling Lamps

In order to be able to choose properly between the different models that are in the market it is important to have lighting experts, we advise you to take the following precautions when choosing your kitchen ceiling lamps:

Consider size

This is a fundamental point, when speaking of ceiling lamps for kitchen. The larger ones are appropriate if your rooms are large and have high ceilings, but these are not if your spaces are rather medium or small. Medium or small kitchen ceiling lights are perfect to highlight the places of work and more frequent use such as islands or tables.

Choose according to materials

You will find various materials as far as hanging kitchen lamps are concerned. Glass, PVC, aluminum, metal or stainless steel are the most used, although if we talk about preferences, aluminum, metal and stainless steel are very interesting options, since these help to better reflect the light.

Think about the amount

We have seen that in many cases two, three or even four small lamps are used on an island or table in the kitchen, this creates a very attractive visual effect and an ideal light supply for such rooms.

However, a good pendant lamp of medium size and direct light can serve equally to illuminate the kitchen. Think about the needs of your space before you decide.