errors in cleaning house

Five mistakes that we commit at the time of cleaning


There are certain errors in cleaning the house that we all commit at least once in our life. These small shortcomings eventually make it difficult to clean up in a short time.

These are just five of the most common mistakes that we make when cleaning the house.

Rub the stains on the carpet
Many times when pouring some type of drink or liquid on a carpet we make the mistake of rubbing the stain with all our cravings. But this only gets that the stain is worsening and the fabric of the carpet is finished spoiling.

errors in cleaning house

To remove stains only thing you need to do is to take a salt layer above, roll up the carpet and leave it at that for a few hours. It is then unrolled to suck up the remains of the salt.

Do not clean the scourer
When washing the dishes, the scourer that we use absorbs all the fats from the food waste, so it is impossible to clean it with water. The best thing that you can do to make your dishes not filled with any of these fats is to wash the scourer with soap after using it and change it every two weeks.

Clean windows when it is good
When the sun heats the window panes makes any cleaning producer used on them dry quickly, causing the dreaded stains. Try not to clean the windows when the sun directly over them.

Do not wear gloves
The skin of the hands can absorb any substance that falls on it. If you do not want to damage your skin you should always use gloves, whether you are using chemicals or natural products.

The mop is not the solution to everything
Usually, when we drop some liquid to the floor we use the mop to clean it. But this is not recommended because not all the dirt is equal and you have to treat it differently in order not to damage the mop.

The best thing is to absorb as much of the liquid as possible with a kitchen paper and then remove the remains or apply some type of cleaner on the stain.

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