carpenter responsibilities

The best places in UK to be a carpenter


Residential and framing wood worker

England serves as one of the best UK regions for carpentry. The government plans to construct 300,000 homes yearly. Areas for the construction include Brown field site located North West of Cambridge and South Yorkshire. These require a residential and framing wood worker who takes part in building homes, from townhouses and condos to single-family residence. The wood worker’s role entails framing the internal and external walls, decks, roofs and building stairs. Also, it involves building concrete foundations or putting up dry walls. Finally, the responsibilities of a carpenter includes working on finishing touches, for instance, installation of doors, cabinets and wood floors.

carpenter responsibilities

Industrial builder

Industrial growth in Stevenage New town makes it one of the best regions for carpentry because of the demand for an Industrial builder. The builder’s role involves working on vital public infrastructure projects, for example, energy production. His/her responsibilities are building strong bracing or secure scaffolding.

Commercial Joiner

The West End of London creates a booming tourism industry. The tourism industry leads to the need of a commercial joiner. He/she will help in the construction of schools, office towers, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and retail developments. These developments aids in supporting the growing tourism industry. The joiner also takes part in laying floors and installation of windows and ceilings.

Cabinet maker

The closeness of Stevenage town to London makes property prices low, leading to higher investment. This leads to the need for construction of offices and homes requiring a cabinet marker. The cabinet marker’s role includes assembling, cutting and shaping wood products. Lastly, he/she designs and installs custom cabinets in homes and offices of customers ensuring higher investment.

Carpentry assistant

Film and theatre production is massive in UK. Bow, Catford, Eistree in London, and Cardiff Centre in Wales leads in the creation of film and theatre. The production leads to a demand of a Carpentry assistant to help in the creation of stage sets. The assistant aids the established carpenters with their responsibilities, for instance, discussing construction plans and building stage sets for film, TV and theatre production.

Furniture Finisher

Houses like the Winstanley Hall in Winstanley Wigan, Bank Hall in Bretherton and Beecroft Hall, in Ribblesdale, Britain require repair. A furniture finisher is needed to repair these houses. The carpenter’s role involves repairing worn and damaged furniture through the utilization of skills that relate to wood shaping and applying sealing agents, stains or topcoats. The carpenter also refinishes or repair wooden antiques and takes part in educating the public on their preservation.

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