remove mattress stains

Tips to remove mattress stains


Do you need to know how to remove mattress stains? There are many reasons why a mattress can be stained: spilling some drink on it, an oversight with some varnish or with the hair dye, or some accident in which we end up staining the mattress while sleeping.

remove mattress stains

Whatever the factor that produced the stain, it is best to find a way to eliminate them. So, this time we will show you some tricks to remove stains from the mattress in a simple way.

Remove stains as soon as possible

The first advice to remove all kinds of stains is to start cleaning immediately; the more time passes, the more difficult it will be to remove it completely and this will only penetrate more into the tissues. Of course the way of cleaning may depend on the type of substance, but the first step is to use paper towels to absorb as much as possible.

How to remove blood stains from the mattress

If it is a blood stain, if it is fresh and cool, it should act immediately. Try to remove as much as you can with an absorbent towel. Next, proceed to moisten the stain using hydrogen peroxide.

This action may be enough to remove mattress stains, but if it persists, you can dilute enzyme cleanser (the same one used in carpet cleaning) in hot water, moisten a towel and place it on the stain for half an hour. Then, dry with absorbent paper and repeat if necessary.

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Use the right amount of cleaner

Although to remove stains from the mattress it is possible to use a detergent for tableware or carpets as it allows to remove the difficult stains in a short time and more effectively, you should not use an exaggerated amount, since there is also the possibility that the mattress fabric Corrode, or bleach the mattress cover.

Use a moderate amount of detergent diluted in a little water, hot or cold (if the stain is fresh it is better to be hot). Follow this advice to keep the mattress in good condition.

Vinegar to remove stains

Special detergents and cleaners may be too corrosive to the fabric. Therefore, it would be best to use a specific quality detergent for delicate fabrics, diluted in a solution of two tablespoons of white vinegar with one of hot water. You should carve on the stains using a toothbrush that you no longer use. It is useless to know the uses of vinegar on the clothes.

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