use air conditioning in winter

How to use the air conditioning in winter?


To not suffer from the cold of winter and spend it in a warm environment and use the best technology without leaving aside the care of the environment, we offer some advice from indianapolis heating and air conditioners to take into account when heating the home and use it in a suitable way to climatize the environment.

use air conditioning in winter

When purchasing equipment, it is advisable to choose low-consumption equipment. The energy label that says class A indicates that it consumes less energy than classes B or C. Turn to the specialists: going to the ones who know the ideal power of the equipment that we must install, they will find the best well-ventilated location and they will install them with personnel registered stuff.

Tips for keeping the environment warm by reason of energy consumption in the home:

  • To use the thermostat correctly, it is recommended to set it between 20 and 22° C during the day and between 16 and 18° C at night (Heat Mode). For each degree that is raised in the thermostat, consumption increases by 8%.
  • Set the thermostat. If you are not at home during the day and arrive, for example, at 18:00 hours, you have to turn on the equipment at 17:00 so that the cold surfaces are warm.
  • Placing the vertical air deflector (downwards) helps to prevent hot air from remaining stratified in the upper part of the room. The hot air naturally tends to rise.
  • Appeal to the “sleep” function. It lowers the temperature to be maintained by the equipment as the night goes on. This function is mainly used when we maintain high temperatures before going to sleep.
  • If the thermostat is set to maximum when the equipment is switched on, it is not true that the heating will occur in less time. What will inevitably happen is to forget that we put it so high and waste energy. Many devices have the “power” function which increases the speed of the fan for fast heating but which automatically switches off after a lapse of time.
  • It is important to keep the doors closed so that hot air is not wasted in corridors or rooms that are not used and ensure that the windows are well closed so that the cold air does not enter.
  • Use tricks that do not consume energy to maintain the feeling of warmth. For example, raising the blinds and opening the curtains of windows with north and west orientation allows the entrance of the sun’s heat, decreasing the use of air conditioning equipment.
  • Ventilate the rooms no more than ten minutes and, whenever possible, at noon.
  • Maintenance of equipment increases its useful life but also saves energy. Clean the air filters every two months and the outdoor coil once a year, before the low temperatures begin.

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