moving house procedure

Procedures for moving house


It is confirmed, you will move soon. A lot of questions come to mind: whom to call for electricity? Whom to warn for mail? How can you leave your mind alone? In short, you are a little lost, and do not really know where to start. Do not panic, here are the steps to follow for a move to the top.

moving house procedure

Make the point with your current landlord
You are currently renting, inform your landlord and send him your cancellation of lease by registered letter. You must meet deadlines: one month’s notice for furnished rentals, and a 3-month notice for empty rentals.

Fixed a date with the owner for the inventory, which coincides with the day of departure. In the meantime, replace the apartment in the condition in which you found it: refill the holes in the walls. If you have spoiled things, replace them with an equivalent. However, be aware that traces of wear are normal; you do not have to repaint the apartment if you have taken care of it!

Once the inventory has been completed, you will be able to collect the security deposit you paid when you arrived, within a legal period of 1 or 2 months.

Forward your mail
To continue receiving your mail in your new mailbox, it is imperative to forward it. Contact the Post Office, which offers forwarding contracts, for a period of 6 or 12 months.

Do not hesitate to make this request two weeks before your departure, in order to be sure not to lose any mail.

Transfer your subscriptions
Moving involves changing phone and internet lines: you must cancel your current line and at the same time open one at your new address (keeping the same line number if you stay in the same city).

For electricity and gas, you cancel the subscription for the accommodation that you leave. As for the new subscription, try to retrieve the line of the previous tenant, because it costs less than to open new one.

Do not forget to notify your insurer to change your home insurance policy: address, acreage… The price can vary according to the new criteria.

Inform the administrations
To stay reachable, notify your change of address all the agencies that are likely to contact you (social agencies, administrations, banks, insurance companies, etc.).

Plan storage space
Whether you’re moving to an equivalent area, bigger or smaller, it’s an opportunity to sort through your business.

If you move into a smaller area, you can rent a furniture wardrobe to store furniture and items that you will not use in your new home.

Organize the day
Take a look at the budget you can devote to this move, as there are several options available to you. You can do everything yourself (with the help of relatives and rental of a vehicle), you can take a moving company with the option “I make my cartons myself” (the movers take care of transport cartons and furniture to your new home).

Finally, there are all-inclusive packages, from packing to moving, but at a cost. Do not hesitate to ask for more quotes before you go, prices may vary significantly.

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