paint in kitchen

What color can we paint in our kitchen?


The kitchens have become a far corner of our house which should look radiant. They are no longer mere places to cook or do our housework. At present have also become centers of meeting of our friends and relatives every time they come to visit us. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that you rejuvenate the kitchen of your home with all kinds of colors for your walls.

So would you like to know which the latest fashions are? Since then you have no other option but to continue with us through the following article:

paint in kitchen

White and beige for small kitchens
Many people who have a small sized kitchen because just spend time on it. Before this, it is best to bet on light colors such as white or beige. These will make all this space win in spaciousness and luminosity. Although if you want still to promote this more, it is not a bad idea that the furniture (pantry, drawers and appliances) are also light tones so that everything is in consonance.

Soft earth color for more classic kitchens
Are you one of those who love to spend time in their kitchens? Well, if you still want to rejuvenate a little without losing the “vintage” style, you can decant for darker colors like earth or lime green. These stick really well in any kitchen of a larger size and will give much more colorful and personality to this area. It is also not a bad idea to combine it with wood furniture to get even more retro touch.

paint in kitchen

Light gray and ivory to win in modernity
Now comes a time when our kitchen has more than twenty years behind and therefore we are almost forced to rejuvenate it from top to bottom. In this situation, it is best to opt for light gray colors for both the walls and the rest of the furniture. And to complete a little of everything, also you can opt for the ivory color for the floor and thus achieving much more packaging for your kitchen.

In short, as you have seen, at the time of remodeling your kitchen there are a wide range of possibilities that are sure to be adapted to both the dimensions of the same as to your tastes.

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