5 designs of stairs to fall in love


designs of stairs

When we talk about home design we often forget the small details as there it can be the stairs. Stairs have a very important role in our house, as these are responsible for joining one floor with the other, allowing us mobility. Today we are going to talk about 5 designs of stairs to fall in love, let’s see them!

designs of stairs

Conventional spiral staircases
The spiral stairs are those stairs characterized by its circular shape and whose steps revolve around an axis. These stairs have different turns and can remind us to the stairs used for the construction of castles and fortifications. There are many types of spiral staircases, from stairs made with wood or metal, with their different shapes and models.

Helix Spiral Staircases
If we talk about spiral staircases, it is also necessary that we mention a small derivative with a different design; we are talking about spiral staircases with helix that gives it a original and unique touch.

Folding stairs
The folding stairs are trendy because it allows joining two floors without the need to occupy the space, taking the stairs when necessary. These types of stairs are mainly used for lofts and attic, spaces that we do not usually visit daily. There are various designs of folding stairs, although all of them are made of metal for their versatility and durability.

designs of stairs

Stairs with glass railings
On the stairs of interior design we have increasingly seen to use the stairs with glass railings. It’s a transparent railing that allows us to see the space, making our home gain in luminosity and spaciousness. In a large part of modern and minimalist housing designs, these stairs tend to be the large protagonists, although for lovers of the traditional may be not just like it very much.

Modular straight stairs
If we talk about the design of modern stairs, we can also talk about the design of modular straight stairs. These are a type of stairs that have a straight design and are formed by different modules and that give a feeling of modernity and simplicity to the whole. Some of these designs give the feeling of that the treads is suspended in the air, something that at conceptual level is very powerful.

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