Advantages of including mirrors in the decoration

Trends change, but mirrors never go out of style. Since these were invented thousands of years ago, these have been of great use to the human being. In fact, civilizations like the Egyptian, the Greek, the Etruscan and the Roman already used them like toilet utensils. Of course, it was not until the sixteenth century when it began to be used as furniture.

decorating with mirrors

Thanks to its versatility and variety, the mirrors integrate very easily with the home furnishings, either to fulfill a practical, aesthetic or visual. Today we want to talk about all the advantages that have to introduce mirrors in the decoration of the home. Would you like to join us?

Mirrors are very practical

As it could not be otherwise, let’s start by talking about one of the best qualities of mirrors: these are tremendously practical decorative complements. When we show our reflection, it serves us to dress, make-up, comb, shave … As you well know, these are absolutely essential in the bathroom, although it is also very useful to have mirrors in the hall and bedroom.

Although any mirror may be practical, the truth is that the most recommended for the bedroom or the place chosen to dress. If you do not have space to place one of these, you can always choose a cabinet that includes a mirror.

Mirrors enhance brightness

Without a doubt, one of the biggest advantages of mirrors is that these are able to enhance the luminosity of any room. For this reason, these are almost essential complements in rooms with little natural light. Of course, to get a feeling of greater luminosity, it is important that you place the mirror next to or in front of a window or a lamp to reflect and multiply the light throughout the space.

If you want to make a stay more luminous, we recommend that you do not place the mirror in front of an empty wall, as the result could be unflattering. In addition, it would not enhance the luminosity.

decorating with mirrors

Mirrors widen spaces visually

Introducing mirrors in the home is also an ideal solution to expand the spaces visually. Therefore, decorating with mirrors is especially recommended for homes with few square meters.

Logically, the larger the mirror you use, the greater visual amplitude you will get. For example, it is an excellent idea to place mirrors from floor to ceiling, especially on walls adjacent to a window.

Mirrors provide depth

On the other hand, we want to comment that the mirrors also capable of giving depth to the spaces. For example, you can make space look longer and deeper by placing a composition of mirrors of different sizes and models on a single wall.

You can also achieve a feeling of greater depth by placing mirrors covering the entire wall. And if you look at a part of the mirror ceiling, you will also get an effect of greater height.

Mirrors bring beauty to the rooms

It is also important to keep in mind that the mirrors bring beauty to the rooms. Thanks to the multitude of models that you can find in the market, it will be very easy when introducing mirrors in the decoration of your home.

When choosing mirrors you should not only take into account the size of the room in question, but also the decorative style, materials and colors that prevail in the place.

Advantages and risks According to Feng Shui

Of course, Feng Shui also has things to say about using mirrors. Thus, it is important to note that, well located; these decorative complements can serve to recover absent areas, disguise aggressive forms, activate weak sensors and multiply propitious symbology, as well as to divert energy.

Of course, you should know that if you put the mirror incorrectly, the energy can unbalance the environmental Qi. This is the case of mirrors that reflect unfavorable images.